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he forgave himself.

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Q: Who did Cole forgive during his dance of anger?
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Explain what a dance of anger might be like for cole?

Explain what a dance of anger might be like for cole?

What does cole address as if it's a person from the past during his dance of anger in touching spirit bear?

The tree

How does Cole change in the book Touching Spirit Bear?

in the beginning cole is full of anger and by the ending he learns to forgive and be forgiven

How did Cole learn to deal with his anger in touching spirit bear?

he learns to forgive, and that violence is not the answer

What dances does Cole dance around the fire?


Who has cole forgiven by the end of the dance of anger in touching spirit bear?


What were the dances that Edwin asked Cole to dance for in touching spirit bear?

Dance of anger, Dance of the spirit bear, Dane of the mouse, and a couple more

What is the antagonist of Touching Spirit Bear?

The antagonist would definitely be Cole himself because he is the only one stopping him from wanting to change, and be able to control his anger and forgive.

What lessons did Cole learn in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole learned that no person is a totally bad person. people just do bad things because that's all people know how to do. he learned to control his anger and to forgive and forget.

Why did Jack Cole die?

were did the father of jazz dance jack Cole study dance at?

Who shows Cole Mathews how to control his anger in the book touching spirit bear?

Cole learns some what from Edwin and Garvey, but he mostly learns from everything he did when he came to the island the second time. Such as carrying the ancestor rock up the hill and rolling it back down. Also when he soaks in the little river. Then he also controls his anger by doing the "anger dance" after Garvey and Edwin left the island.

What was Cole's dad' character like in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole's dad is hateful and mean. he abused Cole his entire life and Cole was angry at him for it. during Cole's recovery from being muled by the Spirit Bear his mom decided to come clean about all the abuse her son had to endure from his father. The father then turned around and filed a law suite for being charged with child abuse, and a custody act to keep Cole away from his mother (which was basically just a act of pride, he didn't really want Cole and if he did it was for very bad reasons, but he wanted to prove that he could get away with anything and that anyone who dare challenge this will suffer the consequences). When Cole returned to the island and danced the dance of anger (which turned out to be the dance of forgiveness) he learned to forgive his dad for all this because his dad had abused him as well and it was all he had ever known.

What does cole need to get to get rid of his anger in touching spirit bear?

Cole needs to find out how to help peter to get rid of his anger in "Touching Spirit Bear" xK1nGx NiPSx

Did Cheryl Cole mime all of her songs?

She occasionally mimes during live performances if she has a vigorous dance routine.

Why is it important for peter to forgive cole in touching spirit bear?

yes he does

Who are the protagonists and antagonists of touching spirit bear?

protagonist: cole Antagonist: cole Because in the story Cole is trying to let his anger go.

Why did Cole have to perform the anger dance in Touching Spirit Bear?

because that was the emotion he's felt the most in the book, atleast halfway through(not sure if he felt it at the moment, though, maybe?)

Who first sang dance ballerina dance?

Nat King Cole

What does cole learn from the wolf dance?

Cole learned that the wolf is strong when its in a pack

What is the resolution to Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen?

All I know is that Cole and Peter go into the lake an relax to get all there anger out but Peters anger stays with him and he beats up Cole and then they both start crying and then Peter and Cole kinda make up.

In the book touching spirit bear do you think peter should forgive coly and why?

Are you doing a project for school on that book? That's the same question I have to answer. In my opinion, I think Peter shouldn't have done all the things he did to Cole. But Cole should have more patience. Eventually Peter should forgive COle.

When did peter show anger in touching spirit bear?

when cole beat him up

Explain why Edwin asked cole to dance the animal dance?

cause Edwin said so

What are personality traits of Cole Matthews in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole is just a self-centered, mean person. He is full of rage and hate and anger.

What dance schools did Cheryl Cole go to?

Cheryl Cole attended The Royal Ballet's summer school when she was nine.