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Patricia Neal was Roald Dahl's first wife and the mother of his oldest daughter, Olivia Twenty Dahl. Roald Dahl was a British author.

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Roald Dahl was Sophie Dahl's maternal grandfather.

Roald Dahl had four sisters. Their names were Astri, Alfhild, Else and Asta. Roald's oldest sister was Astri. Roald Dahl was the only boy in a family of girls (after his father died).

Roald Dahl wrote the bfg for Olivia his daughter that died when she was 7 and Sophie his granddaughter

B.FG. because Sophie in it is his daughter.

Roald Dahl had five children called Olivia, Theo, Ophelia and lucy. But sadly his daughter Oliver died at age seven.

The Bfg Is Roald Dahl And Sophie Is Roald Dahl's Grand Daughter

she might e his sisteror wifeor daughtertry them i don't know

Roald Dahl is popular EVERYWHERE! Roald Dahl is popular EVERYWHERE!

roald dahl roald dahl roald dahl

His parents named him after Roald Amusdmen.

Lucy Dahl, Ophelia Dahl, Tessa Dahl, Theo Matthew Dahl and Olivia Twenty Dahl are Roald Dahl's children. Roald Dahl was a British writer.

Yes. Roald Dahl was a man.

roald dahl is still famous

Roald Dahl wrote James and the Giant Peach.Roald Dahl .Roald Dahl

You can get roald dahl books in many book shops. There are also roald dahl books at a library.

Harald Dahl was about 54 when Roald was born. Roald Dahl was born on September 13, 1916.

Olivia Dahl died at the age of 7

Harold Dahl died of depression when his daughter died

Olivia Dahl died of appendicitis at age seven.

Roald Dahls daughter Ophelia wrote a book about him after he died called The Roald Dahl Treasury which was about his life

Roald Dahl likes writing books.

what is roald dahl favoruit food

Roald dahl favourite food was caviar

Roald Dahl had brown hair.

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