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Q: Who did sundiata help the economy of mali?
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What contributions did sundiata make to mali?

Sundiata Keita defeated Ghana and unified Mali's People.

What country is sundiata from?

Sundiata is from the Mali Empire, known today as the Republic of Mali in West Africa. He is a legendary figure in Malian history and is often referred to as the "Lion King" or the "Lion of Mali."

Who established Mali?

Sundiata Keita established Mali.

What did Sundiata accomplish?

Sundiata Keita (c. 1217 â?? c. 1255) was the founder of the Mali Empire. He is also the hero of the Mandinka people in the semi-historical Epic of Sundiata, known primarily through oral tradition.

How were mansa musa and sundiata similar?

Sundiata and Mansa Musa benfited Mali , because Mansa Musa expanded the Mali empire after Sundiata died in 1255.Mansa Musa derives from same social layer as Sundiata, who started this complex.

Was Sundiata a king of Mali?

Yes he was.

Who was Mali's Lion King?


What empier did sundiata establish?

he established mali empire!!

Who united the 12 kingdoms of Mali?


What contributions did sundiata keita make to mali?

Sundiata Keita defeated Ghana and unified Mali's People.

Who started the mali civilization?

sundiata (took over Ghana to become mali

How did sundiata turn Mali into empire?

Sundiata built a huge army and won his country's independence.