Who did tenten Mary?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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She Had A child with rock-lee

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Q: Who did tenten Mary?
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Is Tenten good?

Yes, Tenten is good.

Is shikamaru dating tenten?

yes,shikamaru and tenten are dating

Will lee and tenten be together?

no. obviously it is neji and tenten who will be together

Who is stronger tenten or kiba?

Tenten's awesome skill with weapons and kiba's tunnling fang will be hard to decide but in the end it will be tenten

Will Tenten kiss anyone?

Neji Hyuga and Tenten will share their first kiss and get married. MR. AND MRS. HYUGA ALL THE WAY! THta is true its not lee and tenten its neji and tenten.

What does TenTen mean in English?

Tenten means 'to move place to place'.

Who is stronger Ino ot tenten?

Tenten handsdown shes the best girl fighter

What creature can tenten summon?

Tenten hasn't shown any summonings other then weapons.

Does Tenten have a family?


Did Tenten confess she likes Neji?

No, as far as the series goes Tenten does not confess that she likes Neji.

What is Tenten's Mother's name on Naruto?

Tenten's parents has not been seen nor mentioned.

What does Tentens name mean?

Tenten's name has more than one meaning. Tenten can mean This and That, Heavenly, or Little By Little.