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Who did the Inca trade with and what did they trade?


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The Inca traded with nearby tribes, and with the settlers. They went as far north as the United States and as far south as Chile in South America. They did not trade with money, and they were not literate.

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They traded with local tribes, in the Inca Empire, but they bartered.

Because of the trade route!

The area in which they lived determined the types of goods and crops that an Inca community would produce and trade with other Inca communities. The Inca that lived in the valleys produced cotton, beans, corn, peppers and peanuts. The mountainous communities traded quinta, cocoa, potatoes and animal products.

because of trade routes (for trading)

The Inca made advances in engineering, art, and medicine.The Inca used a tool called a quipu. The Inca used this tool as a record keeping system. Since they had no system of writing, the quipu was very important.The Inca used the quipu to keep track of trade goods, military troops, and populations in the territory. Another type of quipu helped the Inca recall their history.

the Inca traded things like gold silver and bronze

The women made jewelry while men hunted

The Incas were mostly self-sustained and do not appear to have done a lot of trading. Items that they did use for trade included agricultural products and textiles.

no, the Inca's ate mainly maize, beans, squash, and potato's. During Inca times, banana's were localized to Indian Ocean trade regions, of which the western hemisphere was obviously not a part of.

The Sapa Inca was on the top of the Inca society.

Inca means people of the sun The Inca got their name from the rulers who were called 'Inca' also

Inca ContributionsThe main contribution of the Inca was in architecture.

Amautas, were the tutors to the Inca nobility

there was no topa inca

The Inca Empire (aka Sapa Inca) ruled armies and the Inca Civilization.

The emperor of Inca was called Sapa Inca, which means "sole ruler".

The Incas had a moneyless economy so this meant they were poor they had to barter or trade goods because of there moneyless economy

The Incas traded with other people of the local community. The Incas relied heavily on Nature. They planted corn and other crops.

Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui was the Inca leader that greatly expanded the Inca empire. Machu Picchu was built for him as a palace.

The Inca received baby animals to fatten and then slaughtered so the Inca can eat.

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