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  • At the end of ww2, the axis powers were Germany and Japan. At the beginning of WW2,the axis was Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  • The primary countries the U.S and its allies fought were Germany, Japan, and Italy.
  • This is an easy one, the US mainly fought Japan, Germany, and Italy.
  • Everyone says that the USA joined WW2 because of the Attack on Pearl Harbor. But the main forces involved in WW2 were the Allies (France + Britain) versus Germany and Italy? I believe my textbook said that Germany Italy (unwilling, yet under a Mussulini/in-direct Hitler rule) declared war on the USA...but does not state why!
  • The Germans- the Italians- the Japanese and a few other small countries
  • Their partners or Allies included the Soviet Union, Chinese (both Nationalist and Communist), the Free French, Forces from the Polish Government in Exile, the UK, and others.
  • The US fought the Japanese and the Germans in WW2.
  • The Axis powers (Italy, Germany, Japan).
  • WWI was the Central Powers (Germany/Austria & Ottoman Empire).
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Q: Who did the US fight in World War 2?
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