Who did the knight serve?

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The knights served their King.


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Knights served the feudal lords and dukes and eventually the king.

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Q: Who did the knight serve?
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What was the name for a knight who does not serve a lord?

Common in literature, but not in real life, a knight who was not in service to a lord was called a knight-errant.

Can a knight serve a vassal in exchange for land?


What was a black knight like in medieval time?

a black knight was a knight who either didnt serve a king or didnt want his king to be identified

What does loyalty means to a knight?

to serve the king and country always

How long did suge knight serve in prison?

4 years

Can a knight may serve a serf in exchange for horses?


Can a prince be sent off to serve another king (as in, not his father) as a knight?


What did cooks do in the middles ages?

well, usually in the middle ages,cooks for knights or vassals were squires. a vassal is a knight that owned land from his lord. a squire is a knight in training.the job of a squire( age 12-16) is to serve his knight until he become one. they made meals for the knight, learned how to serve it, and also learned all the things that knights do.

What would pages do at Medieval Banquets?

Serve their knight and make sure he had everything he wanted.

What are the steps you need to undertake to become a knight?

In midevil times, to become a knight you neede to be the son of a knight. At age 7 you become a page, which is like "knight school", at age 14 you become a squire, which is when you serve a kight, and at ages 18-21 if you have mastered page and squire, you become a knight.

Why did a knight want to go on a crusade?

They went to Crusades to help serve their country and religious beliefs.

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