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Who did the knights serve?

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The knights served their King.


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Q: Who did the knights serve?
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Who did the knights serve why did they serve?

According to the code of Chivalry, knights in the middle ages would learn to fight and serve their leige lord. Knights should be brave and show qualities of loyalty and generousness.

What is a feudal manor?

it probably comes from the "feudal system" which basically goes like this: the king serves god,barons serve the king,knights serve the barons,pheasants serve the knights ect ect ect

What duties did knights have under the feudal system?

The knights granted land to the peasants and serve in the army. The knights get land from tenants in cheif, and the peasants make payments to the knights. Hope i helped :) KayKayBear!~

In the Middle Ages knights were?

Knights were sons of their lords whose life-time duty eventually was to serve and fight for them in whatever circumstance.

Did the knights directly serve the king and appear when he called them?

neither man wanted to serve their country and they appeared when the king called the them

Who did the knight serve?

Knights served the feudal lords and dukes and eventually the king.

Why did knights go on Crusades?

They weren't actually called knights... they were called Crusaders, but anyways, they simply went to Crusades to help serve their country and religious beliefs.

Who served Templar knights?

The Knights Templar had squires to serve them. Their squires differed from those of other knights, because they were not in an apprenticeship and did not normally become knights, but were just servants. Also associated with the Knights Templar were sergeants, who were members of lower social classes who served as light cavalry. They rendered military service. The Knights Templar had their own clergy as well.

What did the knights do for the king?

Knights had a lot of duties, first was to uphold the knight's code and be an example for the people of Camelot. Another was to serve as soldiers/bodyguards for the royal family or to escort or protect visiting dignitaries. Knights, particularly the Knight's of the round table, also serve as the King's personal council. Advising him on the matters of the countries and such although the last decision was the king's alone.

What is expected of a knight in the Middle Ages?

During the middle ages, knights were expected to be chivalrous and truthful. they were to serve and protect the people, the monarch and the country.

What is a Lesser Lord?

A lesser lord is bound in service to not only the King but also to the greater lords. The lesser lords are serve by the knights who are their subordinates.

What did cooks do in the middles ages?

well, usually in the middle ages,cooks for knights or vassals were squires. a vassal is a knight that owned land from his lord. a squire is a knight in training.the job of a squire( age 12-16) is to serve his knight until he become one. they made meals for the knight, learned how to serve it, and also learned all the things that knights do.

What qualities did the code chivalry demand of knights?

Knight's were to defend the weak, be courteous to women, be loyal to their King, and serve God at all times. -Quote me

Who where the knights at the knights of the round table?

Arthur knights

What is the collective noun for knights?

A banner of knights, or a rout of knights.

What knights do you need to get?

You need to get the Black Knights because they are the strongest knights.

King Arthur's knights are known as the knights of?

the knights of the round table

A group of knights are called?

a group of knights is called a bunch of knightsa group of knights is called a bunch of knights

Who was the rulers of the knights?

That depends on what Knights you are talking about. Are you talking about the medieval Knights in each Kingdom, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar? You are going to have to be a little more specific to get a meaningful answer.

What do the Knights of Columbus believe?

The knights of Columbus are catholic. The knights of Columbus are catholic.

What were King Arthur and his knights on a quest to find?

The Holy Grail, believed to be the chalice that Jesus Christ used at the Last Supper and which he used to serve his disciples the first Communion.

Is the nostalgia Critic a christian?

If you mean the character and not the actual person, I doubt it, because in Suburban Knights, he says he wonders if they can get it so Chick-Fil-A doesn't serve Christians.

Was becoming a knight a secret in medieval times?

=well....becoming a knight was a great honor in deed but it was not a secret.....knights had to tell because that is the only way they could serve people....but mostly women...women were very important==well....becoming a knight was a great honor in deed but it was not a secret.....knights had to tell because that is the only way they could serve people....but mostly women...women were very important=

What are Knights in combats?

knights are in battle. :)

What are similarities between knights and samurais?

Well, they both followed strict codes, bushido and chivalry. They both protected themselves with body armor. Samurai and Knights both used lances and swords in the early medieval times. Both their jobs were to protect and serve the lord. -Hope that helped:)