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no one can be successful without a high school diploma. its basic and very important to anyone's life who want to be successful.

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Q: Who didn't get a high school diploma and was successful?
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When did Lil Wayne graduate?

He didnt Birdman paid for his high school diploma.

What area of education did Madame Walker have?

she didnt have a high school diploma just early education

Do you need a high school diploma to get in the laborers union?

my older brother didnt have one.. and he was in the union

What is the highest high school diploma you can get?

There is a high school diploma which you are awarded after successful completion of four years of study in the required courses. There is also something called a "Certificate of Completion", this merely indicates that you attended a four-year high school and its courses. It does not state that you were earned enough credits to be awarded a diploma. There is a big difference between the two. After leaving high school if you did not earn your diploma, you can study and take a test to achieve your General Educational Development (GED) diploma. The GED is equal to a high school diploma.

Why do you need a high school diploma to be successful?

A diploma can help you to do better managerial skills to get rid of various business as well as managerial problems in your business. You should need a diploma to be successful in your business.

How hard is the high school diploma test?

It is not hard to get your high school diploma. You just have to finish high school.

When you successfully complete high schoolyou earn?

a high school diploma

How can you get a copy of a high school diploma from a Texas high school?

Copy of diploma from Thrall High School Thrall,tx

What is presented to students after the successful completion of their studies in regular high school?

A High School Diploma is presented to students after the successful completion of their studies in a regular 4-year high school program. A G.E.D. certificate is presented to students who complete the General Educational Developmentstudies and tests.

Do you have to have a high school diploma to be a baker?

You would not have to have a high school diploma to be a baker, but having a high school diploma might mean the difference between a company hiring or not hiring you.

where to earn high school diploma online?

There are many websites in the internet which you can earn an high school diploma. For information's about earning an high school diploma, visit

Is a Penn Foster diploma accepted for jobs in West Virginia?

Penn Foster High School graduates have been successful gaining employment or receiving job promotions as a result of earning their high school diploma from Penn Foster High School. Penn Foster High School has both regional and national accreditation and is licensed as a private High School. It is always recommended that you check with the hiring institution/company for their requirements and diploma recognition policy.