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Who died of hemlock?

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Probably many people, but the most famous is likely the ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates.

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Socrates died by?

He was forced to drink hemlock.

Where is the Hemlock Historical Society in Hemlock Michigan located?

The address of the Hemlock Historical Society is: Box 112, Hemlock, MI 48626

Who was the pholosopher who died off of drinking hemlock?

I think you mean philosopher. But it was Socrates

The fate of Socrates?

Socrates eventually died by admitting to crime and drinking the hemlock.

Is hemlock a hard wood?

Hemlock is a softwood

How poision hemlock got to the US?

Conium maculatum (Hemlock or Poison Hemlock), is native to Europe and North America.

Is hemlock a proper noun?


Is hemlock a tree?

yes it is there are different types of Hemlock trees

Is hemlock a soft wood?

yes hemlock wood is a sofftwood

Who was poisoned by hemlock?

Socrates was put to death with poison from hemlock.

Is Hemlock rot resistant?

Hemlock is not very rot resistant.

Is a hemlock tree a deciduous tree?

Hemlock is an evergreen tree.

Is hemlock poisonous?

There are many types of hemlock. Conium consists of two species, both of which are toxic. Water Hemlock and Hemlock Water Dropwort are both also poisonous. However, Hemlock (Tsuga) is the genus name of a type of coniferous trees, which are not toxic.

What in the scientific name for hemlock trees?

Hemlock tree are in the genus Tsuga, and there are several species. The Eastern Hemlock is called Tsuga canadensis, the Western Hemlock is called Tsuga heterophylla. There are several other species.

What Greek philosopher was forced to drink hemlock juice and died?

Socrates, but Seneca also drunk hemlock in an attempt to kill himself. This was because originally when he was sentenced to death, his arteries were cut, but since Seneca was quite old, his blood flowed too slowly for him to die, so he asked to be given hemlock. Unfortunately, this still didn't kill him, and eventually he died through being suffocated with steam.

Where is the Rauchholz Memorial Library in Hemlock located?

The address of the Rauchholz Memorial Library is: 1140 North Hemlock Road, Hemlock, 48626 8613

What is hemlock used for?

Hemlock is used for wood that is used in construction work and for tanbark.

Did socrates die from an overdose of hemlock?

From hemlock yes but not an overdose it was his death penalty

What is the ISBN of Hemlock Grove novel?

The ISBN of Hemlock Grove - novel - is 0374532915.

What is the area of Hemlock Lake?

The area of Hemlock Lake is 7,284,341.56032 square meters.

Does hemlock grow in Minnesota?


Socrates died by what?

drinking hemlock a poison as he was sentanced to death for corrupting the youths of Athens in 399Bc aged 71.

Who has died from leaves?

No...i dont think it's even possible! It's possible if you eat them and they are leaves of hemlock or rhubarb.

When did the eastern hemlock become a state symbol of Pennsylvania?

when was the eastern hemlock made a symbol

Who killed Plato?

It is not known how Plato died. He died while at a wedding feast during old age. Socrates, his mentor, was sentenced to death and drank hemlock.

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