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Air traffic controllers

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Q: Who directs the planes in and out of the airport?
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Who directs planes?

air traffic control

Do you wait for planes in the border?

No, you wait for planes at the airport.

Where do planes land and takeoff?

In an airport...

Does the O'Hare airport have a lot of planes?


Are commercial planes and military planes different?

Yes they are. Military planes are used for fighting against targets with bombs and missiles.Commercial planes are used for transporting passengers from airport to airport- continent to continent. Some commercial planes can be converted into military planes for military use and vice-versa.

How big does an airport have to be to take international planes?

Actually, international planes can include two-props and small planes, so technically even a smallest airport can be an international airport (and some area, e.g. near Canada).

GTAsa locked planes?

all the planes at Easter bay airport are locked so,there are locked planes in gta sa

Can you get on planes on GTAvcs?

There are two planes in VCS, one at the airport, and one on a tiny pier where you later do a mission for Gonzalez. Also, you can glitch into the larger planes at the airport, and get taken around by them. But the only control you have is the radio and the camera.

Where are the planes in gta vice city stories?

in the airport

Where are planes located in gta vice city?

The airport

Are Large planes usually at the airport?

course they are. Why wouldn't they be

In airport tycoon 3 how do you get bigger planes?

search me?