Who discovered exon shuffling?

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Exon or gene shuffling can cause duplication, deletion, addition of (chimeric) genes. It normally involved in protein evolution.

Shuffling is shuffling. ^_^'

An exon is a nucleic acid sequence that is represented in a mature form of an RNA molecule.

The DNA in all cells of your body is the same; however, gene modification mechanisms such as methylation or exon shuffling ensures that the activities directed by DNA in the heart and brain are different.

Jim Exon's birth name is John James Exon.

J. James Exon was born on August 9, 1921.

J. James Exon died on 2005-06-10.

Shuffling came from Ethiopia, West Africa.

Jim Exon was born on August 9, 1921, in Geddes, South Dakota, USA.

Jim Exon died on June 10, 2005, in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA of cancer.

on a gene it can occur on the promoter, intron-exon borders, poly-A-tail cleavage sites and on the exon

Shuffling your feet means not acting quickly on something. Example: You're shuffling your feet when you should be making a decision.

The person who started shuffling was Pit Bull in Papa Amedicano.

Shuffling in music is when the order that the music would be played in is mixed up randomly.

The exon - the 'coding' DNA sequence - is 'determined' by the Dna that is Expressed. The introns - noncoding DNA sequences - are returned for recycling.

its worth about 100 atums

They both in the RNA processing

Perhaps the Exon Valdise.

N. F. Exon has written: 'The Exmouth Plateau--stratigraphy, structure, and petroleum potential' -- subject(s): Geology, Petroleum

Exon shuffling may explain this phenomena. Gene expression cause the transcription of DNA (let's say a DNA segment that make an allele) in to mRNA. Eukaryotic mRNA undergoes cutting and splicing mechanism where the exons are united together by splicing introns. Imagine an exon pattern 1-2-3 codes for a particular allele/inheritance/trait, random shuffling that produce 1-3-2 or 2-3-1 will cause significant change on that particular trait. When this pattern can be formed by combining exons from a different allele(say A-B-C) unique pattern such as 3-B-1-C would yield a totally new trait.

Gene shuffling is when the natural trait of a single phenotype favours over the extreme traits over the intermediate.

axon, Exxon (2 different things)

A muzza is a noob who thinks his awesome at shuffling and his a try-hard and he has alot of shuffling gear which range from; randomly gey sheet.

A mutation is a change in the DNA sequence. Gene Shuffling occurs during the production of gametes in sexual reproduction.

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