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Themselves, partners

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Where do gunsmiths work?

All over the world in shops, rooms, etc..

Where do colonial gunsmiths work?

In a gunsmith's shop. It had equipment for working on metal and wood.

Are there any black gunsmiths?

Yes, there are African-American gunsmiths. One of our users who lives in Peotone, Illinois is one, in fact. He and his daughter.

Do gunsmiths have to take courses on how to be a gunsmith?

Gunsmiths have knowledge in how guns work and how they are made. They are also qualified to sell, maintain, repair and design guns. All of this knowledge and ability comes through training and apprenticeship so definitely courses or education is needed in order to be a gunsmith.

Should gunsmiths be responsible for guns?

They are. To perform any kind of work on a firearm for money, you're required to hold a Type 1 FFL.

What did colonial gunsmiths use?


Where can a person find jobs for a gunsmith?

A gunsmith is a person trained to repair or build firearms. Some countries, such as Australia, are looking for gunsmiths and will provide employment to gunsmiths. Gunsmiths are eligible for a free visa as skilled workers and will be able to find jobs upon arrival.

What did gunsmiths do?

they make guns? <><><> Gunsmiths did indeed make guns. Today some gunsmiths do still make guns, but most repair and adjust guns. They may repair or replace parts, chamber a firearm for a different caliber, mount scopes, clean guns, and bed rifles to a stock.

What are average salaries for Indiana gunsmiths?

The average salary is around 30,000 dollars a year. They make around 16 dollars an hour in Indiana. Gunsmiths are a highly specialized business.

Why do people need gunsmiths?

To fix, repair or make firearms.

How did colonial gunsmiths help society?

Military uses and for hunting.

What does colonial gunsmiths mean?

it mean's a person that makes guns

Who hold gun dealer licenses?

Gun Dealers and gunsmiths

Who does a gunsmith depend on?

Gunsmiths depend on UPS to deliver them parts and supplies they need to do the work. Gunsmiths depend on a steady supply of customers who not only need work done on their guns but ALSO have the ability to pay the bill when the repair is finished, and not leave the gun at the shop for a year saying "sorry I can't afford to pay the repair bill just yet, but I'll take care of it next paycheck I promise."

How do you become a licensed gunsmith?

In most states, gunsmiths must be licensed. To be licensed, a test must be taken and passed. Gunsmiths in most localities must also be bonded in order to be licensed.

How many guns do gunsmiths have to make a day?

Gunsmiths don't make guns - they may assemble them from previously manufactured components, but they don't actually "make" guns. Factories make guns.

What kind of tools do gunsmiths use?

they use knifes,molds, and ovens.

What types of smiths existed in medieval Europe?

Blacksmiths, later on, gunsmiths.

Where can you find a list of westernfield gunsmiths?

Any competent gunsmith will be able to help you.

What did colonial gunsmiths make besides guns?

What did gunsmith make besides guns

Why did gunsmiths make guns?

Because people paid them to make and repair guns.

Where do gunsmiths live?

In a variety of places, same as plumbers, electricians, machinists or mechanics.

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