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You don't have to contact anyone. The lender will report information on the primary borrower, cosigner, joint owner, guarantor, and other relationships.

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Can you remove a repossession off your credit report if your cosigner has a judgment on the repossession?

No you cannot remove a repossession off your credit report if your cosigner has a judgement on the repossession.

Who do you contact to clean up your credit report?

You will need to contact the credit reporting agency that has posted incorrect information - the contact information will be included in the credit report sent to you, or you can contact the company via its website. However, if your credit report has weak points but the information is accurate, you will have to improve your money management habits to get the information to eventually drop off the report. Pay down debt, make payments on time, keep on top of what money is where, etc.

How do you find the collection agency's contact information if the reference on your credit report says only 'medical collection account'?

Contact the credit reporting agency from where you got the report. They have the contact information and can provide that to you upon request.

What should you do if your credit report is incorrect?

Of course, but you must contact the credit bureau or credit agency which provided the information. Contact the primary credit-data agencies at:

How can I get a credit report in Vietnam?

You can get a credit report in Vietnam through the National Credit Information Center of Vietnam under the State Bank of Vietnam. You can contact them directly at cic.net.vn

How to win a dispute ony credit report ony credit report that is not even mine?

You will have to contact each of the three credit reporting agencies separately in order to dispute charges and false information on your credit report that does not belong to you.

How do you delete old credit report information?

You have to contact the company (by mail)who initally issued you the credit. If the account is paid and closed they should remove it from your credit report, upon your written request.Hope this helps.

What you do if you cannot locate a creditor?

That depends on what you mean by "can't find or locate a creditor". If you get a copy of each of your credit reports, they will list the contact information for each of the creditors that are reporting any type of information about you on your credit report. if you cannot get a response from the creditor after locating their contact information on your credit report, then you may want to "dispute" the information with the credit bureau that is reporting the information. Simply write a letter to the credit bureau stating that the information being reported on XYZ account is not accurate. Please remove this information from my credit file. The bureau will contact the reporting creditor...if the creditor does not respond within a timely fashion, the information will be removed from your credit file.

If your credit report shows a judgment without any information to verify or make a payment can you successfully dispute it?

The reporting bureaus should have contact information. Contact the bureaus.You can dispute anything you want to on your credit report. It's your federal, civil, consumer right. Whether you will be successful or not is up to you and the credit bureaus.

What information is contained on a CIC credit report?

The information that is contained in a CIC credit report is about mortgage credit reports, along with specific information about how to improve your credit score.

Who do you call to fix your credit report?

If there is an error in your credit report, you must contact the particular Credit Reporting Agency that issued the report and provide them with correct information, in writing and, if possible, with supporting documentation.

Does the primary borrower receive any benefit to their credit rating when there is a cosigner on the loan?

This debt will appear on your credit report as a joint debt. It will bare just as much weight on your credit report as if it were in your name alone.

Where could you go to request your credit report?

You can request you credit report from a few places. However, the best places to contact are Trans Union and Equifax as they are the main companies who provide this information.

Does a bankruptcy remove the crediters from your credit report?

No, the information remains on your credit report.

How do you remove a bankruptcy from your credit report that isn't yours because you have never filed for bankruptcy?

Contact the credit bureau that has the incorrect information about the bankruptcy. They will contact whomever they need to in order to verify the information or remove it if it is deemed false.

How can something be removed from your credit report?

It depends on what you mean. If you have erroneous information on your credit report, contact the credit reporting agency and tell them you want to file a dispute. If you're referring to a negative credit account or report that is in fact accurate, you usually cannot have that removed. Entries on your credit report are removed automatically after 7-10 years depending on what it is.

What can one get from credit report services?

A credit report helps the Fair Credit Reporting Act to include information on where an individual lives, where he lives or if he has been sued. A credit report service can give the person a free credit report to fill in the information and send it.

Where can one find information on a credit report?

To find information on a credit report, you can go online and asks websites like Equifax or Consumer Products to help you with your credit report troubles.

If one files bankruptcy and has a co-signer will if affect their credit rating?

If the account the cosigner is on is included in the bankruptcy it will appear on their credit report. In most cases the cosigner will not be relieved of the debt when the primary holder files for bankruptcy. The creditor(s) can then pursue the cosigner for the collection of money owed.

Does your cosigner have to know the details on your credit report and score prior to signing for a loan- does the lender share this information?

It is totally up to you who you share your credit report info with, but it is against the law for a creditor or credit reporting agency to disclose any information regarding your file, only you have the authority to access your credit file and unless there is a permissible purpose as defined by law no one else including a creditor can access your file.

Can you put your husband's credit report information on your credit report?

no that would be credit fraud and you would go to prison

How do you report someone to a credit agency?

You must be a subscriber with the credit bureaus to report information on a consumer.

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