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Who do you laugh?

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You think of something funny like

imagening yourslef giving a presentaion at school and suddenly growing a hot pick afro, have your jean rip until they become shorst, and have your shirt turn into a metal bra with built in stereos.

That always makes me laugh....

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What do you do in Pokemon Diamond after you see Gardenia?

Laugh - i Laugh laugh Laugh - i Laugh laugh

What part of speech is laugh?

Laugh is a noun (a laugh) and a verb (to laugh).

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'laugh'?

gáire (a laugh); gáirim or déanaim gáire (I laugh)

Can gorillas laugh?

yes a gorilla can laugh the laugh is like a bis squeaky big laugh.

Who can tell me how to be a real good flirt?

laugh laugh laugh.

What is the noun form of the word laugh?

The verb and noun forms of the word "laugh" are the same, "To laugh" and "A laugh."

What does ridet mean?

Ridet means (he/she/it) laughs in english. It derives from ridere meaning to laugh. Its forms are:ridere- to laugh (infinitive)rideo- I laughrides- you laughridet- (he/she/it) laughsridemus- we laughridetis- you (all) laughrident- they laugh

How do you laugh if your gay?

How can you not laugh.

How can you get a pretty laugh?

you can get a sweet laugh when someone tease you sweet laugh

What is the Italian word for 'laugh'?

to laugh: ridere to smile: sorridere

How do you spell 'laugh' in Japanese?

Warau is 'to laugh' in Japanese.

Why do fish laugh?

They don't laugh, they might look like they laugh.

How do you say 'laugh' in español?

The verb laugh is reir

Is it live love laugh or live laugh love?

live laugh love

Why do you call laugh gas if it does not make you laugh?

its the (sleepy) gas and it makes you laugh.

Who is Hush in Lego Batman?

well i dont know laugh laugh laugh

Why do you laugh and do animals laugh?

you laugh because u feel like it. live with it.

What are synonyms for 'laugh'?


What means haha?

laugh laugh

Is laugh a noun?

The word laugh is both a noun and a verb; for example: Noun: He has a hearty laugh. Verb: It made me laugh out loud.

How to do SpongeBobs laugh?

You do Spongebob's laugh by taking your left hand and put it on your throat and move it off and on and laugh a medium pitched laugh.

What is the Hebrew word for laugh?

to laugh = tsakhak (צחק) laugh (noun) = tsikhok) (ציחוק)

What is the french word for 'laugh'?


What is the spanish word for laugh?

to laugh = reír

How do you write laugh in Hebrew?

to laugh - tsakhak (צחק)

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