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Q: Who does America produce for?
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Do chickens produce milk in South America?

Only mammals produce milk. Birds such as chickens do not produce milk, not even in South America.

Which is the richest country of the world and what does it produce?


What 5 countries produce the most diamonds?

america,france,brazil,north america,south america

What is the name of the city known for its produce?

its called america

Which countries in south America produce oil?


What does South America produce the most of?

fruits ,vegetables, and oil

What is the name of the name of a city known for its produce?

its called america

What countries produce wheat flour?

north America-usa

What dollar diplomacy produce in latin America?

Dollar diplomacy in Latin America produced loans to foreign countries.

What did dollar diplomecy produce in latin america?

The dollar diplomacy produced improved investments for the US in Latin America.

Where can you get products from victorious?

I think that they produce some products in MacDonald's in America?

What countries produce the most nuclear power?

united states of america