Who does Islam appeal to and why?

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To answer your question: Islam appealed to (according to World

Hist) the common masses because of equality. It also appealed to

kings due to the false sense of "reinforcing" their rule by

unification, which actually ended up with unification against the

rulers. Islam appealed to the middle class as well, but overall it

appeals to the lower class in history.

Since it is based on equality for everyone, it appeals to lower

to middle class people the most.




The monotheistic God of Abraham [peace and blessings be upon

him] is the God of Islam. In Arabic, god=ilah but God (with a

capital "g") means Allah. Allah created everything and is perfect

and knows everything and sees everything and is always there and is

better than everyone and can't be compared to anything and He is

the best and He guides us upon the right path and He kills us and

He gives us life and He is, well, THE GREATEST AND ETERNAL AND SO

MANY OTHER PERFECT THINGS! In Islam, Jesus [peace and blessings be

upon him] is the Messiah and was not born to Allah. Instead, Allah

just said "Be!" and Jesus [pbuh] was. Jesus [pbuh] did all the

miracles and preached monotheism and in Aramaic, the language Jesus

[pbuh] spoke, God=Aolah (pronounced Al-lah like in Arabic). The

trinity in Islam is not true and was just a corrupted thing that a

guy by the name of Paul made up to corrupt Christianity for his own

sake. He never even met Jesus [pbuh] but he took the great religion

of God and made it a religion of worshipping the Messiah.

In Islam, Jesus [pbuh] was risen up to heaven by Allah before

crucification. A follower [may he go to heaven] of Jesus [pbuh]

wanted to be sacrificed for the sake of Allah in Jesus' [pbuh]

place. Crucification back then was a process used to kill people in

a cruel way so that they would be cursed in the Hereafter and their

family would be cursed on earth and in the Hereafter. According to

Christians, that means God is cursed and dead. According to Islam,

that follower [may he go to heaven] was forgiven by the mercy of

Allah and Jesus [pbuh] is in Heaven right now looking at how bad we

are screwing up the world. He will come, according to Islam, with

the Mahdi [pbuh] to save the religion of God.

Logic points to four things: Atheism, Judaism, a sect of

Unitarian Christianity, or Islam. If you believe in God, atheism is

out. Since the sect of Unitarian Christianity preaches from the

Bible, which has been proven to be corrupted due to mistakes

scribers did, it has to be wrong. Now it's Judaism or Islam. Jesus

[pbuh] has to be the Messiah and because Judaism's theology is weak

and the religion is not completed, Islam is the truth.

Islam wins.

Prophet Muhammad [SAW] was the greatest man ever. Read a

reliable source about him (George Bernard Shaw's writings about

him, Montgomery Watt's Muhammad at Mecca and Muhammad and Medina,

or any biography written by a Muslim about him).

Islam is also extremely scientific, historical, and prophetic.

There is a link below you can use to see them all.

It is logical and doesn't need religious leaders except the

Prophets [peace and blessings be upon them] and the 12 Imams to

lead them.

Knowledge is valued.

Adam [peace be upon him] and Eve [peace be upon her] were

created separately and both were held accountable for eating from

the Forbidden tree.

Women are treated as equal human beings. They also have the

hijab for modesty. Muslim women who actually wear the hijab love

wearing the hijab. Go to Youtube and enter "Ask A Muslim Woman." It

is a video of a FEMALE Muslim hijab scholar who wears Niqab. She

talks about how the veil is present in Christianity, Islam, and

Hinduism. To tell you, it is present in Judaism too. She also says

that men should lower their gaze like it says in the Holy


In Islam, every race is equal and a poor man can pray with the

richest man on earth and still be treated the same in the eyes of


In Islam, you are praying to God directly but you have to be

social with other Muslims.

In Islam, charity and helping people is the best thing.

In Islam, everyone who believes in the true God and does good

works (so even pious Jews today) will go to Paradise.

The Holy Qur'an is the exact same thing as what Prophet Muhammad

[SAW] said 1430+ years ago.

The Holy Qur'an is so beautifully written that it is similar to

a few verses of the Old Testament. You can tell in the Old

Testament when it is God telling us and when someone wrote

something in it. The Holy Qur'an in Arabic is just so beautiful

that even if you don't know Arabic you can tell that it is


Islam means "submission to the will of God." Shouldn't we all

submit to the will of God and become His followers or His servants?

We should all strive for the right path.

In Islam, we worship God, not his creation. Polytheists worship

the creations of God. Christians worship Jesus, the creation of

God. Some Christians worship Mary, the creation of God.

Islam tells us to worship the Creator of Everything, be humble,

be pious, look for knowledge, be happy, be content, treat everyone

equal, give charity, help orphans, be fair, tell the truth, have

sex after marriage, and do everything right. To me, that seems


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