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Q: Who does John Cena live with?
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Where does John Cena live at?

John Cena lives in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

Where does WWE John Cena live?

John Cena lives in Newbury, Massachusetts.

Where thas John cena live?

john cena lives in Tampa Florida

What state does john cena live in?

John Cena's hometown is West Newbery, Massechusets.

Does john cena and Alicia live together?

If you mean Alicia Cena then no.

Were in newberry does john cena live in now n?

John Cena currently lives (2011) in Tampa, Florida.

Where in westnewbury did john cena live?


In which country does John Cena live?


What county does john Cena live in?


Where does John Cena live?

John Cena lives in Tampa, Florida but he was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts.

Did John Cena ever live in NJ?


What state do John Cena live?


Where is john cena live?

West newberry Massachusets

What street in Tampa does John cena live on?

First of all, Jhon Cena dose not live in Tampa,FL he lives in Mass.

Does John cena have ps3 accont?

John Cena's PSN is John Cena

Is Juan Cena related to John Cena?

JOHN CENA and JUAN Cena are cousins

Who are John Cena's parents?

John Cena's parents are Carol and John Cena, Sr.

Is john cena Juan cena?

Juan Cena was a part of John Cena's gimick when he got fired by Wade Barrett. So clearly John Cena is Juan Cena.

What are John Cena's Parents names?

John Cena's parents are Carol and John Cena, Sr.

Does John Cena have Xbox Live?

ya he is his id is johnfelixcena77

Does John Cena live in TampaFlorida?

Yeah he was.

How you can meet john cena?

Go to a wwe live event.

Where des John Cena live?

west newbury masschetts

What road does john cena live?

He lives in Tampa,Florida.

Where does john cena's mom live?

new England,mass