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Who ended the Holocaust?

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The Allied armies, coming from both the East (Russians) and the West (British Canadians Poles Americans) forced the Germans to stop fighting and surrender their armies.

The camps were discovered, and the inmates were liberated. Most of them were too sick to go anywhere for a few months. They needed to be fed and given medical treatment. Many died despite the best efforts of the Allies, due to their advanced state of starvation.

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Who was president when the Holocaust ended?

Harry S Truman was president of the US when World War has ended, which is also when the holocaust has ended.

Pointing out why the Holocaust needs to be ended?

i presume you want the argument on whether the Holocaust has ended or under what conditions we can say that it is ended.

Is the Holocaust still going on?

No, the Holocaust ended in 1945.

When did the Holocaust ended?


How long ago was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust started in 1933 and ended in 1945. The Holocaust would of started 79 Years ago and ended 67 Years ago.

How old was Elie Wiesel when he left the Holocaust?

He was 17 when the Holocaust ended.

What role did the Allies play in the Holocaust?

They ended the Holocaust. It was the Axis who had a role in it.

How is the Holocaust part of The US history?

we fought in the war that ended the holocaust

What can the world do to prevent the holocaust from happening?

The world ended the Holocaust in 1945.

When did the holocaust start and ended?

It started in 1933 and ended in1945

What place did the holocaust end?

It did not end any place. When the camps and territories were liberated, the Holocaust ended there, when Germany surrendered it ended in the last places.

What year was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust started in 1933(when the Germans took power), and ended in 1945.

What season did Holocaust end?

The Holocaust ended May 8, 1945 which is around spring.

When did the Holocaust begin and when did it finish?

The holocaust began before WWII, in 1933 and ended in 1945.

Was there a battle that ended the Holocaust?

It was the surrender of Germany in World War II that ended it.

Who wrote What ended the Holocaust?

jhon hawk.

How was it when everything ended in the ghettos of the Holocaust?


When did the Holocaust start?

The holocaust started on January 30th, 1933 and ended on May 8th, 1945

What happened in the Holocaust in 1946?

The Holocaust ended in May 1945 (somewhat earlier in some places).

When did America's Black Holocaust Museum end?

America's Black Holocaust Museum ended in 2008.

When did the halocaust end?

The Holocaust ended 1944-1945

How many people were alive when the Holocaust ended?


Where did Hitler go after the holocaust?

He died before it ended.

What was the fall of the Holocaust?

The Holocaust ended as individual camps were liberated and finally with the military defeat of Nazi Germany.

Is Holocaust Memorial Day the day the Holocaust ended?

No. Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January) is on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviet Army in 1945.