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Its not who, but a bureau. Its called "Freedmen's Bureau"

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Q: Who established schools and helped freed slaves?
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The Civil War freed the slaves and re-established what?

The Union

What is the network that helped slaves freed?

the Underground Railroad

How did established communities of freed slaves in cities such as Charleston react to the population of newly freed slaves?

They were often unwelcoming.

What was the first settlement in Africa for freed slave?

The first settlement in Africa for freed slaves was Freetown in Sierra Leone. It was established in 1787 as a resettlement for freed slaves from Britain and the Americas.

What organzation helped freed slaves after the war?

black code

What organization helped freed slaves?

It was called the Freedman's Bureau.

Purpose of the Freedmans Bureau?

look after refugees and freed slaves

What were the first things that the freedom bureau wanted to provide for free slaves?

The Freedmen's Bureau aimed to provide food, clothing, medical care, education, and job opportunities for newly freed slaves during the Reconstruction era after the Civil War. They also helped reunite families, managed abandoned lands, and established schools.

What were some responsibilities of the freedmen's bureau?

The Freedmen's Bureau was responsible for providing food, housing, medical aid, and legal assistance to newly freed slaves. It also helped oversee labor contracts between former slaves and their employers and worked to ensure that freedmen received fair treatment and protection of their legal rights. Additionally, the bureau established schools to provide education to freedmen, including adults.

Who set up schools and hospitals for newly freed slaves?

Freedmen`s Bureau.

What did the federal government do or not do for freed slaves?

In the old days are 16th president Abraham Lincoln helped free the slaves

What government bureau helped feed and educate millions of blacks and white after the war?

The Freedmen's bureau was the bureau that was helped to feed millions of freed slaves and whites after the Civil War. The Freedmen's bureau was established on March 3, 1865.