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Who fault if person backing out of a parking space and hits a car driving the wrong way in a car park?


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If the person backing out of the space had not seen a pedestrian walking the "wrong way" it would be the fault of the driver of the car backing out....... So it is the fault of the person backing out. They did not look to make sure it was safe to do so.

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The greater fault lies with the person backing out of the parking space. You may still be partially at fault for not driving with due care.

It would be the person driving fault because it is like the same thing as driving and hitting someone.

The person backing out of the lot. Cars in the travel lane have right of way.

In most circumstances, the backing vehicle has the greater duty of care and would be found at fault.

If you are driving the backing car, no matter WHERE the other cas is located, YOU are the one at fault if you collide with it.

Backing out of a parking spaceThe person backing up is at fault, they have a greater duty the fact that the person is driving on the wrong side makes no difference. the person shoudl of waited to back out. --yes but like all accidents like these, it is circumstantial; if person A is backing out, person B is flying by @ 20+ mph, person A checks everywhere & sees nothing and proceeds to back out. they are then hit by car A who is at fault for 'not able to control his/her vehicle'. if both are going proper speeds & it is just a bump, it is definitely A's fault, cuz B has the right of way

the person driving on the road has the right of way, which means he/she goes first, therefore you are to let the person pass by before backing your vehicle

The person backing out. If you were in the lane/road behind them they needed to use caution when backing out.

The person at fault would be the one backing into a parking space. Because they are going to look at it as, your supposed to pull into the parking space front first, not backing in. So it would be your fault. But I'm sure that both of you would get a ticket or something else, because they hit you, and you are violating parking lot conduct.

It is the fault of the person backing out. You have the right-of-way if you are driving in a usual and safe manor. The person who hit you should be cited for "backing without caution".

Its logical.........the person who backed out while the other person was at it!

Any time the driver who is backing is at fault, in all 50 states.

Generally, the person backing out is at fault. If you are both backing out you're probably both at fault and will probably share the cost of repair, with each repairing their own. yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!! yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!!

This can go either way, most often it is the person who was backing out that is at fault. witnesses would be great to prove this is what happened.

Well if you were backing in and hit someone then it is your fault. But if they hit you, then it is their fault.

the person who crashed into you, because that person was supposed to have yield to let you pass

The person driving in a forward direction has the right of way. If you are backing up, you must wait until traffic is clear before moving. Similar to a rear-ender, when the person hitting someone in front of them is always at fault.

If you strike him - you are at fault. He can be charged with the No Parking violation but YOU are charged with the collision.

The person backing out due to the other car having the right-of-way.

best answer without more infodepends if you're both backing up at the same time from opposite sides, which I'm assuming both of you were, then i would assume no one will be found at fault unless someone was recklessly pulling out (ie. speeding out). in the event that one person was backing out and the person was driving by instead of backing out as well, then chances are the person backing out will be found at fault unless proof can be shown that vision was impaired by an item out of the control of the driver.... or of course unless other specific circumstances are present.

The person backing up. That is, unless the other person had a clear chance to avoid the accident and failed to do so (i.e., wasn't paying attention).

In most states, fault lies with the person who had the "last clear chance" to avoid the accident. If you saw the car backing up at you and just sat there and let it hit you, it's your fault. If you saw the car backing up and thought "I can get past them" and instead hit them, it's your fault.

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