Who first decided that we need a God to worship and die for anyway?

Are we after truth? If we are then we need to first consider that ALL of us have a religion. If we truthfully and honestly look at what religion is we see it is a system of beliefs held to with ardor AND FAITH. No matter what you believe about our beginnings or who first did what...you are holding to your system of beliefs with vigor and energy...and a measure of faith.

Faith is a firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Yes even Darwin, the father of Theories of Evolution had to fall on faith and so have all scientist and educators since then. None of us were present at the beginning of time to witness what took place so we do not have hard, factual evidence for what we believe...none of us do. At least material evidence that we can point to, repeat the proof of, or see, touch, smell, taste, or hear.

We can only put together things we see in a way that can explain our origins. But is our explanation truth? Who knows? Nobody will actually know unless they see the beginnings and that may never happen.

We could be baffled and ponder just as deeply why people who rely on science to explain our origins don't consider the intelligence of our design and how it couldn't have just randomly happened without some very smart being setting it all into motion. Or consider Albert Einstein whose brain is still being studied to try to unlock his enormous brilliance. He once said: "I want to know God's thoughts...the rest are just details". He created the science of Quantum Mechanics which explain other dimensions we cannot perceive with the senses we have to use or with machines we are smart enough to build.

If those dimensions exist with us and we aren't able to detect or perceive them, don't you think it is possible for a God to exist in them? Dig into the topic from that perspective for a while and you'll begin to be convinced that maybe there is a God who created us.

If there is a God who created us, then that God has one particular story which we need to view from that God's perspective...not our own perspective. So in truth, it doesn't matter what any one human being believes about our origins if they have it wrong from God's perspective. And viewing this question from God's perspective, the answer is: "Nobody decided that we need a God to worship and die for". The question is impertinent. Or maybe the answer is: "You decided that".

If there is a God who created us, that God had a purpose for doing that. What material articles do we have that might explain what purpose God had for creating us? We have religious writings and religions that have belief in Supernatural beings as gods.

One such writing is the one you may have derived your question from...the Christian Bible. That writing tells us that God not only created us to worship Him, but also for fellowship with Him. He created us for relationship with Him. Just as children are to their earthly fathers, God wants us to relate to Him as His children to Him as their Father. I don't mean that if you had a father who wasn't around that God wants you to relate to Him like that, but as a good and loving father would relate to his children, and as those children would relate to him. Becoming a good father would help you to understand this, and the love a good father has for his children; and the love his children have for him.

Willful children want to do what they want to do without regard of their parent's understanding of why they shouldn't do that thing. Parents are placed over children for a purpose. They have more experience and more understanding of what is good for a child than the child knows what's best for itself. God is so much further advanced than us, that even Einstein seems like a child to God. God knows so much better what is good for us, that it is foolish to presume we know better than God what is good for us.

The whole concept of wanting to have one's way without regard to what harm that might bring to the person is childish. The question, to some of us reading this blog, is childish and without regard for one's own best interest. It is short-sighted because the person asking this doesn't want to consider the long-term effect of their actions. They are simple-minded enough to believe that if you don't see immediate bad effects from your actions you're ok. You're safe and free to take that action. But the fact is that some actions we take have long-term effects on us that we don't want.

If you have an idea in your head that God is this mean, uncaring, domineering Superforce that makes you worship and die, then you have the wrong idea about who God is. When you know who God is, you are very willing to worship Him and you are also willing to be in relationship with Him.

All of these passionate ideas about God being domineering and controlling are myths. Do your homework...do the research and you'll find that the question is irrelevant to truth.