Who first discovered Chicago?

Before the city proper was established, Potowotami Indians lived nearby, based in present-day Ottawa, IL. It was this group that lead 17th Century explorers Joliet and Lafayette (actually a missionary) to the mouth of the Chicago River. This was 1673. It wasn't until over a hundred years later that Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable established a permanent trading post near the mouth of the river. He was set up near where the Tribune Tower now stands on Michigan Avenue. The City of Chicago has actually put markers notifying those who are interested where this- and other- sites are. JB du Sable arrived sometime in the 1770's, as most establish the arrival year of 1779. It is widely held, however, that du Sable had already constructed a trading post, a school, market - indeed a whole community - by that time.
Jean Baptiste Point du Sable is considered to be Chicago's founder.