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In 1830, French explorer Dumont d'Urville. According to Wikipedia

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What is the genus of the Adelie Penguin?

The genus of the Adelie Penguin is Pygoscelis.

How long does an adelie penguin live?

The Adelie Penguin was named after the wife of French Explorer Jules Dumont d'Urville. The average life span of an Adelie penguin is 20 years, if they survive the first few years.

How tall is an Adelie penguin?

The Adelie Penguin is 46-75 cm tall. The Adelie Penguin is 46-75 cm tall.

How deep can an Adelie Penguin dive?

An Adelie Penguin can dive as deep as 575 feet.

What is the adelie penguin population?

there are many adelie penguins in the world.

What is an Adelie penguin?

An Adelie penguin, Latin name Pygoscelis adeliae, is a species of penguin with distinctive white rings around the eyes.

What are the species of penguin?

adelie penguin,emprorer penguin,chinstrap penguin

What species of penguin is skipper?

he is probably an adelie penguin

What are the penguin kinds?

There are many penguin species, such as the Emperor penguin, the Adelie penguin, the Rockhopper penguin, and many, many more. Only tow species actually live in Antarctica the Emperor and the Adelie.

What type of penguin is ramon in happy feet?

Adelie Penguin

Does the emperor penguin have relative?


What does the Adelie penguin eat?


Does the Adelie penguin sleep?


Do you capitalize Adelie penguin?


What species are the Adelie Penguin?

Adelie penguins rank as species with a higher classification of Pygoscelis.

Adelie penguin life span?

Adelie Penguins live for about 15- 20 years.

Are adelie penguins the smallest penguins?

No, the Adelie penguin is not the smallest species. The smallest species of penguin is the Little Penguin, also known as the Little Blue penguin or the Fairy Penguin.

What does an Adelie Penguin eat?

An Adelie Penguin eats herbivorous zooplankton, krill, different kninds of fish and also Phytoplankton. Hope I helped!

How does an Adelie penguin get its food?

The Adelie penguin feeds mostly on Antarctic krill, Antarctic silver fish, and Glacial squid. They obviously get it from the ocean.

Is a adelie penguin a cold weather penguin or weather penguins?

It is a cold water penguin

How many different species are in the adelie penguin species?

Adelie is it´s own species. One. ;)

Is the adelie penguin a mammal?

Penguins are birds.

What is the height of a adelie penguin?

70 cm

Is adelie a type of penguin?

yes and they are adorable

What are the colors of the adelie penguin?

whith black

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