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The Spaniards.

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Why were horses domesticated?

horses were first domesticated when the Indians domesticated wild horses so they can travel farther and faster. eventualy farmers domesticated horses to use on farms for work, now we use horses just for fun and sport.

What were among the first domesticated animals?

The first domesticated animal is believed to be the dog. Horses were domesticated in 3500 B.C.

Without genetic engineering horses would have been domesticated?

Horses were domesticated first, then selectively bred second.

Where were horses first found?

In Arabia. The first domesticated breed was the Arabian.

Have horses been domesticated animals?

Horses, as probably as well with all animals, were very first all wild. Then later on, people tamed and domesticated them, and they were introduced as pets.

Why were horses first domesticated in Arabia?

They probably weren't. The earliest evidence of domestication of horses is found in the Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Can horses be tamed?

Horses were first domesticated around 4000 B.C. so yes horses can be tamed although the process of taming a young or wild can be challenging and dangerous.

Did they have horses in 1065?

Yes. Horses havebeen domesticated for thousands of years.

What is the domesticated member of the horse family?

There are few members of the horse family that are considered to be domesticated. Horses themselves are domesticated. Ponies and donkeys can be domesticated as well.

Friesian horses wild feral or domesticated?

The Friesian horse is a domesticated breed of horse.

Without genetic engineering would horses have been domesticated?

Horses were domesticated long before the concept of genetic engineering was even selective breeding.

What word about horses is unscrambled from ctmedios?

The adjective anagram is "domestic" (horses are domesticated).

Is a paint horse domesticated?

Of course! Any type of horse can be domesticated. Paint horses are very often seen in the wild, but domesticated Paints are amazing Western riding horses, and are good in English riding too. Paint horses are actually VERY common pets.

Were there wild horses in Poland?

Most Likely, but they might have been descendants from domesticated horses.

What is a wild horses habitat?

The only wild horses left in the world are located in the steppes of central Asia; particularly China and Mongolia. The un-domesticated horses (Mustangs) roaming hot climates near the Rocky Mountains or the Midwest USA or in parts of Australia are what are called 'Feral Horses'. These are either domesticated horses that somehow went free and adapted to the environment or the descendants of domesticated horses. Wild horses were practically endangered but are slowly making a comeback.

When were horses first used in agriculture?

Horses were domesticated in central Asia and the Middle East as far back as 2500 BC and possibly earlier than this. Horses were first used for agriculture - pulling plows and carts - before they were used for riding and war.

Can horses live in woodland?

yes they can. did you know that horses, when they had not yet been domesticated that is where they used to live!

When were horses domesticated?

horses have always been dimesticated until some horses were finally broken in and then the horse craz began

What is the difference between deer and horses?

Deer: They are deer, and are in the deer family. Horses: They are domesticated (sometimes), and are horses, in the equine family.

What was the first breed of horses?

Arabian horse breed of light horse developed in Mesopotamia and N Africa, and probably the first true domesticated breed.

What was the first domesticated animal?

The first animal to be domesticated is the dog

Which is the first domesticated animal?

dog was the first domesticated animal

What are horses called that are returned to the wild?

Feral horses are horses that have been tame or domesticated but have escaped and returned to the wild. An exception is Przewalski's Horse a breed of wild horse that was subjected to a breeding program and then purposefully returned to the wild. These horses have never been tamd or domesticated.

What came first domesticated animals or domesticated plants?

Plants were the first to be domesticated. after came animals. the first plants were grasses and bushes

What is the Tennessee walking horses phylum?

All BREEDS of domesticated and feral horses have the same phylum. They are mammals.