Who flew in the Columbia Space Shuttle?

As the first spaceworthy craft of NASA's orbital fleet, Columbia (OV-102) completed 27 missions, and was destoyed near the end of her 28th mission, STS-107. Links to all her missions are to be found in the Related Link listed below:

The crew for the fated STS-107 mission were:

Rick D. Husband; American (Commander)

William C. McCool; American (Pilot)

Michael P. Anderson; American (Payload Commander)

David M. Brown; American (Mission Specialist 1)

Kalpana Chawla; Indian (Mission Specialist 2)

Laurel Blair Salton Clark; American (Mission Specialist 4)

Ilan Ramon; Israeli/Jewish (Payload Specialist 1) He flew in the Israeli Air Force and is the son of a Holocaust survivor.

May they rest in peace.