Vladimir Lenin
Soviet Union (USSR)

Who followed Lenin as leader of the USSR?

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Joseph Stalin followed Lenin as leader of the Sovoey Union.

After Lenin's death, he was followed by a triumvirate of Joseph Stalin, Grigori Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev. Stalin eventually ousted them and took virtual sole power in 1929 but did not become the dictator he is remembered as until about 1932.

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Who became the communist leader of the USSR?

The first communist leader of the USSR was Vladimir Lenin. Lenin was in power at the time the USSR was formed in December 1922.

Who was the leader of the USSR when it dissolved?

Vladimir Lenin

Who was the first communist leader of the USSR?

V.I. Lenin.

Who became the first leader of the USSR?

Vladimir Lenin

Who was the communist USSR leader during World War 1?


Who was the main contender to succeed Vladimir Lenin as the leader of USSR?


How did Lenin and Stalin govern the USSR?

Lenin believed in a policy of a democratic dictatorship. Joseph Stalin followed him to power and instituted a system of communism.

What happened to USSR after World War 1?

The USSR is formed in Russia as a result of the 1917 Revolution & the subsequent civil war. Russia ended WW1 with the treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Lenin was the first leader, followed by Stalin in 1924.

How did Vladimir Ilyich Lenin die?

Lenin had a series of strokes, which paralyzed and eventually killed him. This caused him to be inactive as a ruler the last two years of his life. He did in 1924, Stalin followed as leader after a few disputes over who should rule USSR.

Who was the chief leader of the Russian socialist revolutionaries and head of the USSR from 1917 to 1924?


Who was Leningrad named after?

Vladimir Lenin, first head of state of the USSR and Bolshevik leader of the 1917 October Revolution.

What kind of government and economy did Lenin and Stalin rule give the Soviet Union?

Lenin and Stalin gave the Soviet Union an autocratic (Totalitarian) Communist Government. Stalin kills more people than Lenin did. (Because Stalin is even more cruel than Lenin, who is somewhat more humane and Stalin took place as leader of USSR for nearly 30 years while Lenin died within 5 years after assumed as leader of USSR.)

How and why did Lenin keep power after 1917?

Lenin was the new Communist Leader of the new Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics (USSR) and used purging as a way of retaining power; as did Stalin later.

Who was the founder of USSR?

Vladimir Lenin

What did Lenin do?

Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik party and played a big part in overthrowing the Russian Monarchy in 1917. He also created the first communist nation the USSR. stalin took over after he died.

Did Lenin rule russia after Stalin?

Lenin ruled the USSR before Stalin.

Who was Ivan Lenin?

Ivan Lenin is a revolutionary singer, performer, songwriter, and movement leader. He was born in the USSR and moved to the USA in 1995. He is most famous for the song "Communist Redneck Hip Hop Orchestra"

Who was head of USSR from 1917 to 1924?


Who founded the USSR?

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Who is the 1st president of the USSR?

Vladimir Lenin

When did Mikhail Lenin die?

Mikhail Lenin died on January 9, 1951, in Moscow, USSR.

When did Lenin become the leader of Russia?

Lenin became leader of Russia on November 8th, 1917

How was Joseph Stalin a communist leader?

He followed the policies and styles of the communist government type. The USSR was a communist nation.

What party was Lenin the leader of?

Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik Party, which, in March 1918, became the Communist Party.

What did Lenin do to the USSR?

Lenin is the person who created the USSR, or Soviet Union. In December 1922 he arranged for Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and the Transcaucasus Federation to join together to for the new country.