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I believe that the axis consisted of Germany, Japan and in the beginning of the war Russia and Italy

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The two side that fought in World War 2 are the allies and axis.

The Allies against the Axis.

The Germans, Japan, and Italy.

The main country's of the axis powers were Germany, Japan, and Italy

Germany, Japan, and Italy. Those are the biggest Axis Powers, but there were probably more lesser know countries that fought for the Axis

The US fought against the Axis Powers in World War II, chiefly Germany and Japan. The other member of the Axis was Italy, which abandoned the Axis in the face of Allied invasions in 1943, and fought against Germany for the rest of the war.

To fight for their cause, as the Allies fought for theirs.

The Central Powers fought in WW1. The Axis Powers fought in WW2.

The Allies and the Axis were the two sides who fought each other in the war

the Allies - U.S.A, Britain, France, Etc...

It wasn't just fought in Japan. It was also fought in Europe, Africa and other parts of Asia. Reason why World War 2 was fought in Japan was thought Japan was part of the Axis and they were fighting against the US.

The main countries that the US fought in World War 2 were considered the "Axis Powers." They were Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Germany, Italy and Japan were original Axis (also called Fascist) states who fought together in World War 2. On German side also fought Romania, Hungary, Finland and others.

The US fought the Axis powers, who were Germany, Japan and Italy.

Allies vs Axis (Germany/Japan)

Please note the word Axis is specific to World War 2. ------------ Germany's allies in World War 1 were: * Austria-Hungary * The Ottoman Empire * Bulgaria

For axis they fought us.Duh. Allies were the ones who helped us with ammition,tanks,etc.

The axis powers are Germany, Italy, and Japan. Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania had fought on the side of the axis powers.

Italy fought with the axis powers during world war 2. And was against the allied powers, which consisted of Britain, France, and America.

World war 2 was of two alliances. The Axis, and the Allies. Great Britain and U.S.A were on the Allies side.

the alies were everybody who fought the axis, there role was to defeat their terany, OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russian was part of the "Great Alliance," and fought against the Axis Evils.

The Axis powers, AKA Germany, Japan (Pearl Harbor).

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