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Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and South Vietnam.

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Who was America fighting against in Vietnam?

America fought against North Vietnam, in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat its invasion and conquest of South Vietnam.

Similarities between Afghanistan war and Vietnam war?

There are none; The Vietnam War was fought against another nation (North Vietnam); just as Korea was fought against North Korea (and Red China); and WWII was fought against the countries of Germany, Japan and Italy. The US is NOT at war with Afghanistan.

How long did North Vietnam fight the US in the 1960s?

Only North Vietnam fought against America since the Americans had sided with North Vietnam at the time. The war involved with America began in 1954 and ended January of 1975. It extended at least 21 years, give or take.

Who fought against the us in the Korea war?

North vietnam,soviet union,and south vietnam.

Who won the Vietnam's war?

North Vietnam (supported lightly by China and the Soviet Union) won the war against South Vietnam supported directly by the U.S. (America basically fought the war for South Vietnam).

What countries fought the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam fought against South Vietnam, allied with Australia, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and the US. France was involved at the beginning.

Was the us communist in Vietnam?

No the US was not communist in the Vietnam War. The US fought with South Vietnam against the communist north. and we lost

Who fought against the Vietnamese Nationalists after France left?

Communist North Vietnam verses the Republic of South Vietnam.

What were the sides in vietnam?

The Vietnam War was fought in North and South Vietnam. The main belligerents were the South Vietnamese and the United States against the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong.

Who did Vietnam fight in the war?

Each other: North against South. north fought to get rid of communism while the south fought to stay communists

Who was over d Vietnam War?

The war was fought against COMMUNISM; North Vietnam was communist & trying to take over SOUTH Vietnam which was NOT communist.

Who did America fight against in the Civil War?

Interestingly America fought against American. Technically however the United States of America (Union, North) fought against the Confederate States of American (Confederates, South).

Who started the Vietnam war America or Vietnam?

North Vietnam started the war against South Vietnam; the US went to the aid of the South.

Who did America fight in the Battle of Gettysburg?

America fought itself it was North against the South. The North was the Union and the South was the Confederates.

Who was the Vietnam war between originally?

Mainly South Vietnam and the United States of America against North Vietnam and the Viet Cong.

Which part of Vietnam was communist?

The north of Vietnam was the communist as the south was democratic. That is why U.S fought together with the south against the north to "Stop the spread of communism"(President Lyndon Johnson was afraid that communism will spread towards America, which is why the Americans meddled into Vietnam's business)

Where did the Vietnam fight at?

The "Air War" was fought over North Vietnam. The "Ground War" was fought in South Vietnam.

Who did south Vietnam fight against when the US sent troops to help?

They fought against the North Vietnamese Military and the Viet Cong.

Who were the two counties that fought the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam against South Vietnam allied with US, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, and South Korea.

Where did the Vietnam war happen?

The Air War was fought over North Vietnam; the Ground War was fought in South Vietnam.

Who are the Congs?

Cong is short for Viet Cong. The Viet Cong were the communist guerrilla forces backed by North Vietnam when they fought against South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

What are the similarities and differences between Iraq and Vietnam?

Other than military presence and violence; None. 1. WWI was fought against the NATION's of Germany and their allies (the Central Powers). 2. WWII was fought against NATION's (Germany, Japan, and Italy). 3. The Korean War was fought against the NATION's of Red China and North Korea. 4. The Vietnam War was fought against the NATION of North Vietnam. Neither the US nor any other country is at war with Iraq. Just policing the area (arresting and terminating terrorists).

Why did America get into a fight with Vietnam?

America helped out SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was attacking it.

Were did the us fight in Vietnam?

The USAF & USN fought in NORTH Vietnam (in the skies); the US Army & USMC fought on the ground in SOUTH Vietnam.

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