Who found germanium?

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Where was germanium found?

Germanium was found in Germania. Latin for German Region in Germany

Is germanium found in water?


Is germanium a plant?

Yes. Germanium is a mineral. Small amounts of organic germanium are found in some plant-based foods.

What country was the element Germanium found in?


Is germanium radioactive?

92.66% of the germanium found in nature is not radioactive. 7.44% of germanium is 76Ge, which has a very long half life of 1.78 x 1021 years.

When was germanium found?

1886 by Clemens Alexander Winkler of Germany

What states can germanium be found in?

It is a solid non metallic element.

What element is found in group 14 and period 4?


Where Is germanium found in the periodic table?

Group 14, Period 4

What the chemical formula for germanium and sulfur?

Ge is Germanium, S is Sulfur, Germanium (di)sulfide is GeS2Germanium disulfide refers to the chemical compound with the formula GeS2. It is a colourless white crystalline material, which melts at roughly 800 °C.Germanium sulfide was the first germanium compound found by Clemens Winkler during the analysis of argyrodite. The fact that germanium sulfide is not soluble in acidic water made it possible for Winkler to isolate the new element from the other elements.

What country was the element with 32 electrons found in?

Germanium is the element with 32 electrons. It was found in Germany. It is in the p block.

What does germanium do?

Germanium does no "do" anything.

Who is Germanium manufactured?

Germanium is not manufactured; its ore is mined then refined into germanium.

Is germanium combustible?

Germanium is not combustible.

What are two metalloids found in period 4?

Germanium and arsenic are two metalloids that are found in period 4 of the Periodic Table of the Elements.

What element from the periodic table are found in the computer?


Is germanium A Noble Gas?

Germanium is a metalloid.

Is germanium reactive?

germanium reacts naturally

Is germanium ductile?

No, germanium is very brittle.

What is the atomic symbol of germanium?

Germanium is Ge.

Is germanium a insulator of electricity?

Germanium is a semiconductor

Is germanium toxic?

Germanium compounds are toxic.

Is germanium a element?

Yes, germanium is an element.

Is germanium a conductor of electricity?

Germanium is a semiconductor.

How many radioactive isotopes are there in germanium?

Natural germanium has only one radioactive isotope - germanium 76. 27 artificial radioisotopes of germanium are known.

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