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Nobody found a cure, its just that the people taht survived developed an immunity, and their children had it, also, not everyone caught it, just a lot did, and most died, but no cure was found.

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Who found a cure for the bubonic plague?

Who found the cure for the Black Plague?

When was a cure found for the black plague?

IT was during a fire that burned all the rats and people carrying the disease that was the cure

Do black plague have a cure?

Bubonic Plague (the Black Death) can be treated with modern antibiotics. At the time of the European epidemic, there was no cure.

Can the black plague be cured?

At this point, there might not be a cure for the black plague. Just as well as aids.

How did they cure the Black plague?

they didn't cure it. the infection died out with winter.

What was the most successful cure for the black plague in the middle ages?

There never was a cure for the Black Death or the Plague. And the great fire of London occurred in 1666, many years after the Plague of 1348.

Who found the Bubonic Plague cure?

Whoever found antibiotics. =)

What is the cure for the black plague?

its flowers to get rid of the smell

When was the cure for the black plague found?

The cure is getting rid of the fleas. In the middle ages they would often burn houses and bodies and unknownly get rid of the disease.

Was there a cure to the black plague in 1347?

No, there was no cure to the black plague in 1347. Doctors of that days were completely unable to find any cure of black plague. They tried to use different cures like- arsenic, cooked onion,crushed emeralds,sitting in the sewers etc. But those didn't work.

Why was the black death so difficult to treat?

Black Death was a Plague. People did not have required medicines to prevent or cure it.

What methods were used to cure the black death?

Pneumonic plague was not curable but in bubonic plague the only way to cure it was to pop the sores and swellings that came as side effects to the plague.

How could they cure the black plague?

The small number of plague victims today are treated with antibiotics.

What was the cure in the black death?

There was only a cure available for the bubonic plague, (one of the plgaues of the two plagues of the black death), the main cure which in some cases worked was to pop the boils which were side affects of the plague and letting the puss out would somehow eliminate the plague from the body.

Was eating their own poo a cure for black plague?

There was no cure for plague, although a lot of people did some incredibly stupid things in the hopes that it would be. This was one of them.

What is the cure to the black plague?

an ingredient of ketchup stops it so bath in it

What antibiotics can cure about the black plague?

the disease was caused by rat infestation,

What is the cure called for black death?

No cure has been found. __ Black death, also known as Plague can be treated successfully with antibiotics like streptomycin, gentamicin, doxycycline, or ciprofloxacin. Prompt treatment is needed or the antibiotics are not as effective.

How To Cure The Plague?

There is no cure

What do people think will cure the Black Plague?

keep away from bad smells

What was the worm necklace's cure in the middle ages?

to protect against the black plague

Was there ever a cure for the black death?

The Black Death was a medieval outbreak of the bubonic plague. Prior to the 20th century, there was no effective cure. Now, we can cure it with antibiotics, if it is diagnosed early enough.

When was the cure of the black death found?

The cure for The Black Death was discovered in 1947.

What is the cure that they found for the plague?

non it disapeared after all the people that had it were issolated in their houses.

When did the Black Plague end?

well actually the plague was around in 2007 in another country but they managed to cure it before it got ugly.