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Who founded France?

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the gauls found France.
France was not founded

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Who founded France and when?

France was founded by the Gauls and there was never a specific date.

Who founded new France?

Jacques Cartier founded New France.

How was France founded?

The Gauls founded it.

Who were the nations who founded Canada?

The nations that founded Canada were England and France.

What country founded fort Orange?

France founded Fort Orange

Quebec was founded by which country?


When was Paris France founded?

The exact date is not known but Paris France was founded at the end of the 3rd century. It was originally called Parisii.

Where was fluorine founded?

It was founded in France by a French scientist named Henri Moissan

Which country founded argon?

Argon was suspected by France, but was later founded by Scotland.

Who founded NASCAR?

William France Sr. founded NASCAR on February 21, 1948.

Who founded the World Cup Tournament?

The world cup was founded by Jules Rimet of France.

When did Air France open?

it was founded in 1933

What country was iodine founded in?

It was discovered in France.

What city in France was originally a Greek city-state?

The Greeks originally founded Marseilles.

What country founded new France in north America?

I'm guessing France, since it's NEW FRANCE!

Who is the founder of Girl guides association in France?

Antoinette Butte (founded the Movement in France)

Where was the company Bollinger founded?

The Bollinger champagne house was founded in in 1829 in Ay, France. It is best known for producing sparkling wines from the Champagne region of France.

Who founded Samuel de Champlain?

France! :) ;0

Who founded the world cup?

Jules Rimate from France

What country founded the colony of Quebec?

France, i think

Was founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean in France?


What country is bugatti from?

Tough question - the founder of Bugatti is Italian, yet he founded it in France. But now its owned by a German Company (Volkswagen). But if I were to say one answer, its probably France as that is where it was founded.

When was Troyes in France founded?

Troyes in France was founded very long ago. The first written mention of it dates back from the first century BC, before the Roman conquest.

When was new France created what year?

New France was created/founded in 1608, by Samuel De Champlain

Is Bugatti German?

First it was founded in France but the sold to voltzwagen