New France

New France is the area colonized by France between 1534 and 1763, covering large swathes of nowadays Canada and USA, down to Louisiana.

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New France

What was the largest city in New France in the 1700s?


New France

What did les filles des roi eat?

New France

What did the Filles Du Roi wear?

Most "filles du roi" were orphans or of very modest origin - except for a few tens of them who destined themselves to marry officers or wealthy colonists. Their dress was then most probably modest and sober, not the kind you would see depicted on paintings.

New France

What did the king do with the seigneur system of new France?

first of all its the seigneurial system, the seigneur is the head of the place which is called the seigneury. second of all the king granted the seigneur and his family land for free, the seigneur is then to divide up the land and give it to habitant for a seigneurial due or in other words the habitant pay rent. the habitant are farmers.

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New France

What is an habitant?

A colonist of new France.

New France

Did new France celebrate Christmas?

yes, new France did celebrate Christmas. they had a mass on Christmas eve that was very religious. filled with with liturgical dramas or mysteries and Christmas carols. even though life in quebec has changed very much since the days of the pioneers, many costims and traditions, we still use today.

Samuel de Champlain
New France

Why is Samuel de Champlain called the father of new France?

The father of New France.

The cancellation of De Monts's fur monopoly in 1607 brought the Port Royal settlement to a temporary end. Champlain persuaded his leader to allow him to take colonists and "go and settle on the great River St. Lawrence, with which I was familiar through a voyage that I had made there." In 1608 he founded France's first permanent Canadian colony. It was at Quebec, at the foot of a great rocky cape on the north shore, which formed a natural fortress barring the way upstream to the interior.

The early years of the Quebec colony were hard, and the population grew slowly. Champlain administered its affairs and took personal charge of an organized exploration of the unknown interior. Where he did not actually travel himself, he sent other men. One was Etienne Brule, the first white man to cross Pennsylvania and later the first to see Lake Superior. Champlain himself discovered Lake Champlain (1609); and in 1615 he journeyed by canoe up the Ottawa, through Lake Nipissing, and down Georgian Bay to the heart of the Huron country, near Lake Simcoe. During these journeys Champlain aided the Hurons in battles against the Iroquois Confederacy. As a result, the Iroquois became mortal enemies of the French.

In 1629 Champlain suffered the humiliation of having to surrender his almost starving garrison to an English fleet that appeared before Quebec. He was taken to England as a prisoner. Peace, however, had been declared between England and France before the surrender, and New France was accordingly restored to the French. Champlain returned from Europe to spend his few remaining years. He became governor of New France in 1633.

New France

What did the seigneur of new France do?

The seigneurs would inspect the land, give reports to the king, go to parties and spend time with their families

New France

What languages were spoken in New France?

Most of the people spoke Native American languages. The French invaders spoke French. Today, the only part of that region that still speaks French is Quebec.

New France

What word best describes the population of new France in 1750?


Samuel de Champlain
New France

How did Samuel de Champlain explore New France?

In 1608 Champlain returned to New France. On this trip he wanted to build a settlement along the St. Lawrence River. The French also figured that Acadia (Samuel de Champlain first piece of land discovered by him in 1604) was to far from the center of Fur Trading. Champlain picked a site close to where Jacques Cartier occupied in 1535 which was called Stadacona. The river narrowed so it was an excellent Harbour. He started a permanent Settlement called Kebec (Quebec) which means "Where the river Narrows". After that he befriended the Aboriginals neighbours who showed the French around and Champlain mapped a lot of these areas.

New France

How did the colony of New France get rich?

Mostly fur trade and also lumber

Religion & Spirituality
New France

What is France's main religion?

France's main religion is Roman Catholic. Other religions in France are Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim.

New France

Who were the king and queen of New France Canada?

When Canada was called New France it was a French possession and the King of France was soveriegn over it.

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New France

What were Jean Talon's accomplishments?

Jean Talon achieved many accomplishments throughout his life. One of his best ideas was establishing "les filles du roi", which was held in 1663-1673. The plan worked out exceedingly well. Jean Talon brought over 1200 "les filles du roi" to New France. The purpose of this idea was to increase the population in New France (which wasn't growing quickly). Jean Talon figured out the problem: almost everyone in New France were men (he conducted the first census in 1666). Which means there will be no children, so Jean Talon decided to send women over to New France (known as "les filles du roi") and have them have children as quickly as possible. Here are some more details of arriving in New France with "les filles du roi": they receive room and board; they also get a dowry of 50 livres (when they marry). The prices were: 30 livres for a wardrobe of two sets of clothes and 60 livres for the transport to New France. Within 15 years, Jean Talon's plan of "les filles du roi" was accomplished by tripling the population in New France.

Jean Talon also had another excellent scheme of increasing the population in New France. It was the "system of incentives", which helped the population grow from 3 200 to 7 600. This is how the system worked. People would get a reward (money) if they married early and had over 10 children. There were also penalties (money) for those who are 20 years of age and haven't married yet and for parents that have daughters that are 16 years old and were still single. That's how the "system of incentives" worked and in the end, Jean Talon was successful.

Another idea that Jean Talon had was, encouraging habitants to do less hunting and trapping. Instead, they should clear land. Jean Talon also wanted to make New France more self-sufficient by experimenting with hardier stains of wheat, large stocks of wheat crops.

One other accomplishment Jean Talon had done was founding three new villages. They were called: Bourg-Royal, Bourg-la-Reine, and Bourg-Talon. These new villages were different because the design of the village was unlike the usual villages of the past. Now, let me write about the design of the village. First of all, the houses were built close together, there are 40 pie-shaped lots, built at the narrow tip of every wedge, the houses were readily defended and it was less isolated, which was easier. Then, there was a church and the villages grouped around it, so it was like the heart of the each village. Soon, there were settlers applying for lots. All they had to do was paid a small amount of money; clear a certain amount of land and help clear other lots too. The settlers also got tools and food, until they had a harvest themselves. Jean Talon also bought a lot himself to see if it was working properly. Before long, the villages became communities. Another accomplishment by Jean Talon!

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New France

What does coureur des bois mean?

A "coureur des bois", literally "woods runner", was a colonist hunting and trapping animals for their fur, or living by trading by the natives. They did not live in a house, but out in the woods.

New France

Which country called 'new france'-kismat?


New France

What was the main motive for the French to establish New France?

England, France's ancestral enemy, was settling colonies in the New World and getting rich from it, trading cotton, tobacco, & much else with the rest of the world. France wanted a piece of the pie. Everybody who was anybody was out grabbing everything they could to increase the nation's wealth. France not only settled in North America, they set up colonies in the Caribbean, in Africa, & in the Far East. What's now Viet Nam, Cambodia, & Laos was known as French Indo-China. Portugal had Brazil in the New World, Spain had just about all the rest of South and Central America & the Philippines. France had St.Domingue, which is now Haiti, a good chunk of Canada, & the Louisiana territory, which went as far north as Missouri then. France lost Canada to England, the slaves in Haiti revolted & threw the French out, & Napoleon I sold Louisiana to the US, leaving France with only what is now known as Guyana. Napoleon III tried to make a comeback in 1863 by installing Maximilian von Hapsburg as a puppet emperor in Mexico, but it didn't work too well. TexasCharley

New France

Why did French establish New France?

The French wanted to explore for profit and the glory of France.

New France

How did the battle of Quebec lead to the fall of new France to British?

The battle of Quebec lead to the fall of New France to the British because without Quebec, the French could not supply their forts farther up the St. Lawrence River. Quebec was well defended. The city sat on the edge of the Plains of Abraham, on top of a steep cliff high above St. Lawrence.

New France

What is a major industry in Champlain's New France?

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New France

What is New France now called?

That would be modern day Canadian Provinces of Quebec and Ontario, as well as some areas of the north eastern US States of Mass and Maine.

New France

Did Jean Talon succeed in increasing the population of new-france?

yes he doubled the population

New France

The Intendant's responsibilities in New France?

The duties of an intendant were 1.acted as chief admister of new France in the kings name
2.informed the king of colonial activities and ensured harmony among people
3.supervised the day to day running the colonies,Law and order, and managing money.

New France

Why was new France settled?

New France Was settled because in the early 1600's the French claimed this area. Since it was cold not many settlers lived here accept the men and boys that were trading furs at fur trading posts like Quebec. Missionaries were also throughout New France. Missionaries are people that teach there own religious beliefs to other people who have different beliefs.


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