History of Japan

Who founded Japan?

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Japanese legend maintains that Japan was founded in 600 BC by the Emperor Jimmu.

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What religion was founded in Japan?

who is a founder of japan religion

Where was Shinto founded?

Shinto was founded in and is the indigenous religion of Japan.

Where was the Ferrari founded?


Where in Asia was Shinto founded?


What country was Shinto founded in?


Who was the prince that founded Buddhism in Japan?


When was the flag of japan founded?

I believe in 1955

When was the Shitennoji temple founded?

The first and oldest Buddhist temple in Japan was founded in 593.

When was Sega founded?

Sega was first founded in 1940 as Standard Games.In 1952 however, the company moved to Japan, registered as "SErvice GAmes of Japan".

How did origami get to Japan?

origami is already in japan it was founded in the 1993's No! It made its way into Japan in the 6th century

Who founded Subaru?

Fuji heavy industries- Japan

Where is the brand ASICS come from?

ASICS was founded in Japan

How was Japan founded?

the yamato clan accidentally landed on the port.

In what year was Japan traditionally founded by Emperor Jimmu?


What country made Nintendo?

Nintendo was founded and is based in Japan.

Who dicoverd Tokyo Japan?

No one discovered it. It was founded and expanded.

When and where was shintoism founded?

There is no real founder of Shintoism. Some people say it dates back to when Japan was first founded.

When did judo start?

Judo was founded by Jigoro Kano in 1882 in Japan.

In what region can Buddhism be founded in today?

* Japan * Tibet * Cambodia * Vietnam

When was discovered the Honda and where?

Honda was not discovered it was founded by Soichiro Honda in Japan.

What are the religions that Japan has?

The only real religion that was founded in Japan is Shinto however Buddhism and Christianity have rapidly spread to become the more popular religions in Japan

Where did Sony start?

Sony Corporation was founded in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in May 7th, 1946. Sony is a major electronics company.

Where was the hobby RC drifting founded?

RC drifting was founded by remote control car hobbyist in Japan. Japan is also where drifting with full size cars gained popularity some time in the mid 1970s.

What is the oldest car brand in Japan?

The oldest car brand in Japan is Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi Car Motor Company was founded in 1870.

When was the Mitsubishi introduced?

Mitsubishi was firat founded in Japan as a shipping firm 1870.