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Who founded Virginia and why was it founded?

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The London Company sent 104 men to VA in 1607 to found a colony. Most of the men went to look for gold and to establish a foothold America. The problem was it was established on swampy land, the water was poor, and sickness killed over half of the 104 within 6 months. There was even a Spanish spy. John Smith comes in a second ship to try to manage the dying colony, but an murder attempt is made on him and he has to return to London with burns on his legs.

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When was Virginia colony founded?

Virginia was founded by English colonists in 1607.

Who founded the university of Virginia?

President Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia.

Trading company that founded Virginia?

The Virginia Company of London founded Virginia. They also founded the colony of Jamestown, which was one of the first English colonies in America.

Who founded Mr Jeffersons university in Virginia?

Thomas Jefferson founded it -- The University of Virginia.

Where was Jamestown founded?

Jamestown was founded in Virginia

What company founded Virginia?

The Virginia company

First colony founded?

It was Virginia. Virginia was founded in 1607 By John Smth for religious purpoes.

What year was Virginia founded?

Virginia was founded in 1607 and it joined the Union in was founded in 1624:-)115 years there was your Answer!!!

Who founded Virginia?

Virginia was founded by the London Company in 1624 as a royal colony. It included the original settlement of Jamestown that was founded in1607.

When was the House of Burgesses founded?

It was founded in 1619 in Virginia.

What part of Virginia did the Virginia company found?

The Virginia Company founded Jamestown, Virginia.

How was Virginia founded?

Virginia began with the settlement with Jamestown

Who founded Norfolk Virginia?

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Where and when was Virginia founded?


Who founded Jamestown Virginia?

king James founded the town.

This was the first colony founded in 1607?

Virginia was founded in 1607.

When was Jamestown founded?

Jamestown, Virginia, was founded in 1607.

Indicate the similarities and differences among the southern colonies of Virginia Maryland North Carolina South Carolina and Georgia?

2 differences between the 2 colonies are Georgia was founded in 1732 and Virginia was founded in 1607. Georgia was founded by James Oglethrope and Virginia was founded by The London Company during the reign of James I. 2 similarities are Georgia and Virginia were both founded by the British. Georgia was founded at the end of the cycle (13 original colonies only) and Virginia was the first to be founded.

What was the reason for settling Virginia?

Virginia was founded because there were rich land everywhere so the colonists chose to settle there. not only that but the types of riches that were in Virginia were tabaco, wheat , and corn. Virginia was founded by john smith and others. it was founded in 1607. Virginia was named after the virgin queen Elizabeth I.

What trading company founded Virginia?

Virginia Company of London, also known as London Company, founded Virginia. This company was chartered by King James I of England.

In what ways was Maryland different than Virginia?

Maryland was founded for religious freedom and Virginia was founded for land and wealth purposes.

why were the New York and Virginia colonies founded?


What are some settlers who founded Jamestown?

The Virginia Company founded Jamestown,Virginia in 1607. They called it that after England's King James I.

Who founded what colony?

Spain founded Spanish Florida. England founded Virginia. The Netherlands founded New York.

Who founded virginia in 1585?

In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh founded the Roanoke colony. The city of Jamestown, Virginia was founded by John Smith and other settlers in 1607.