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Feudalism had taken root on the European continent at a time when no central government was strong enough to keep order. Under the circumstances, nobles had to rely on their own warriors for help. The [French political and economic] system they created was an exchange of property for personal service.- the person who granted the property was the lord o r overlord. The person who received it was the vassal. The vassal promised service to his lord in a ceremony called the act of homage. At the same time, the vassal usually pledged his faithfulness by taking the Christian vow of fealty.

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Characteristics of feudalism?


What are the characteristic of feudalism?

what is feudalism

Who created feudalism?

The Franks created feudalism

What part of speech is feudalism?

Feudalism is a noun.

What is are some examples of feudalism?

Feudalism originated in France

How did feudalism develop in Europe?

How did feudalism develop in Europe

What are some examples of feudalism?

Feudalism is a bargain between a lord and his vassal. Feudalism is the bargain between a lord and his vassal.

Who introduced feudalism?

The germanic tribe, the Slavs, introduced Feudalism.

What year did feudalism start in England?

Feudalism began in 1066

What was feudalism based on?

Feudalism was based on the exchange of land for protection.

Is feudalism still big today?

No it is not. Feudalism was a medieval system.

Use the term feudalism in an example sentence?

Black death brought an end to feudalism. People did not like feudalism.

Decline of feudalism?

feudalism broke because of revolts from people. Black death cause people to revolt against and it broke Feudalism.

Feudalism concerned the lower classes?

no feudalism did not concern the lower classes

How do you put feudalism in a sentence?

Feudalism was an old tradition in medieval times.

Is feudalism and fascism the same?

Feudalism and Fascism are not the same, and are pretty dissimilar.

What are some similarities about feudalism and democracy?

Similaries between democracy and feudalism

What was the reason for developing feudalism in Japan?

They developed feudalism because of their religion.

Why was feudalism needed and how did it work?

Feudalism is basically the trading of land for LOLCATZ!!

'What was the social structure in the 1300s - medieval Europe'?

it was based on feudalism... there is a feudalism pyramid if you go on google images and type in feudalism pyramid

When did feudalism start in China?

Feudalism started in China during the Shang dynasty. Feudalism lasted until the end of the Qin/Chin dynasty.

Is feudalism used nowadays?

An example of modern feudalism can be found on the island of Sark

Type of government - feudalism in Eruope?

feudalism is a government itself. (basically)

Was Feudalism an early form of democracy?

No there is no connection between the concept of feudalism and democracy.

What rise ended feudalism?

the reason for the rise of feudalism was that a fisher ate a beach

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