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The Buddhist Religion was founded by a man called Siddhartha Gautama.

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Q: Who founded the Buddhist religion?
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Who first founded the Buddhist religion?

Siddhartha Gautama was the bone who founded Buddhism

Who created Buddhism and when?

The Buddhist Religion was founded by a man named Siddhartha Gautama.

Which religions Buddhist are the followers?

Buddhism. Buddhists follow Buddhism, the religion founded by the Buddha.

Who is the Buddhist figure?

The Buddhist figure is the God of the Buddha religion. His name is Gautama Buddha, who was a spiritual figure who's teachings founded Buddhism, so the Buddha figure is Gautama the original Buddhist

What is Kristen Stewart's religion?

She is BuddhistShe is now Buddhist. She was Christian =

If your Buddhist what religion do you believe in?

You would be Buddhist and practice Buddhism.

What is another name for a Buddhist temple?

Another name for a Buddhist temple is monastery. Buddhism is a major world religion and philosophy founded in northeastern India in the 5th century BC, based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama.

Who founded Buddhism as a religion?

Buddhist practices began with Siddhartha Gautama (ca. 480-400 B.C.E.). (Buddhism is a way of life, but it's not a religion, because, for example, it lacks a religious creed.) .

What religion is the Tibetan society based on?

The Buddhist religion

Who is the dominant religion?

buddhist is the dominant religion in asia

What religion is Siddhartha?

He was Buddhist

What religion are the sinhalese?


What is the difference between Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist religion?

Buddhist philosophy is a part of the religion of Buddhism, dealing extensively with problems in metaphysics, phenomenology, ethics, and epistemology.

Is Taoist Religion part of Buddhist Religion?

No, but neither religion forbids adherents from following multiple faiths, so it is not uncommon for a Taoist to also be a Buddhist.

Who is the leader of Buddhist relligion?

dalai lama is the leader of Buddhist religion.

What religion does a Buddhist monk practice?

A Buddhist monk practices Buddhism.

What religion was founded by muhamadd?

The religion founded by Muhammad is called "Islam".

Who founded the religion of Hinduism?

No one single person founded religion

In what way is integrity important to the Buddhist?

In the Buddhist religion, integrity is a very important aspect of yourself. Honoring your word and having integrity shows honesty which is honored in the Buddhist religion.

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What is the religion in timbuktu?

mostly Buddhist

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