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Dr. Hervey Cleckley was one of first to define antisocial disorder. In antisocial, the individual's sensory perceptions and logic goes from 'normal' to hypo, similar to how bipolar go from depressed to manic. Low serotonin has been cited, dopamine that is too high, and low norepinephrine have been cited.

Antisocial's have emotions such as tyrannical, glib, grandiose. They can be volatile. These symptoms do not constitute the entire make-up of the antisocial, however, because they possess qualities such as love and embarrassment, tho they diminish as the antisocial cycles.

Dopamine is involved in bipolar, Parkinson's autism, anxiety, ocd, schizophrenia, bulimia, fever, anorexia, antisocial, and Tourette's. Problems with dopamine have caused billions of people to blurt out expletives, experience unanticipated movements, become immobile, swing from deliriously happy to suicidal, believe their children are aliens, feel afraid, feel compelled to bang on a table, not be able to stop counting, feel surreal, feel hyperactive, become paralyzed, diminish short and long term memory, cause brain damage, forget who their loved ones are, wash their hands non-stop, hit themselves, tic, stutter, bark like a dog, or force themselves to throw up, so antisocial behaviour should not be considered outside the norm. Antisocial people blush, cry when hurt, choke up, become nervous, and react shyly. Bottom line is all disorders share similar chemical dysfunction.

Theories are that thyroid is involved in antisocial. Of note is that thyroid has been proven to be important in bipolar. Nobel laureates, ascertain high T3 hormone in the thyroid and slow monoamine oxidase enzymes occur.

(A clinical case series of six extremely aggressive youths treated with olanzapine. Soderstrom H, Rastam M, Gillberg C. Department of Forensic Psychiatry - All but one started to respond within one week. The subjects described an increased sense of well being. Olanzapine has a higher affinity for 5-HT2 serotonin receptors than D2 dopamine receptors.)There is a theory that carboxylase enzymes are too fast in creating serotonin, so too much serotonin is destroyed, before it reaches the brain. In Europe they give 5-htp and carbidopa together, but levadopa would create more dopamine, which might make antisocial worse.

Things that might help. Give strict controls to pollution, toxins, insecticides and pesticides. Boil drinking water and buy filters, cause chlorine and fluoride pose a risk. Purify our water, then filter the chemicals out before it reaches the public or substitute with reverse osmosis or both. Public water filters need to be made mandatory. Adult stem cells.

Updates: Nov. 09 Gaba works for the antisocial.
Endurance exercises manufacture more fatty acids, which causes the tryptophan (precursor to serotonin) to enter the brain. Endurance exercise is suggested for five to seven days a week, two to four or more hours a day. Endurance exercise uses up the competing amino acids, which in turn, allows for tryptophan (precursor to serotonin) to enter the brain, unopposed. Thyroxin, used for hypothyroidism, speeds up digestive enzymes, which create amino acids that compete with tryptophan so would not be the first line of defense. Anyone can contribute, but please don't erase. Please write under this.
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Is there a first hand account of antisocial personality disorder?

Answer(s): Yes... The main reason sociopaths don't usually seek help is that they can'ttrust, rather than that they like being as they are. Plus, they canoften sense exactly what sort of a response any call for help on theirpart is most likely to elicit from professionals and lay folk alike.Sociopa ( Full Answer )

Why do antisocial personality disorder symptoms improve once individuals reach their thirties and forties?

Answer . Anti-social tendencies don't always improve. Someone who is introverted may be introverted their entire life, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that. A reason why some people may become more socially adept as they age is that typically, individuals become more comfortable wi ( Full Answer )

Where did borderline personality disorder get its name?

\nBorderline Personality Disorder was given it's name in the 1930's it's name means on the thin "border line" between neurosis and psychosis, though the condition is much more than that. It is actually what they call an Emotional Regulation Disorder.

Can shaken baby syndrome lead to antisocial personality disorder?

Answer . Very good question. It is possible. Anything is possible. I believe this is a chemical imbalance, so it is possible. I wish an expert would elaborate on this. If antisocial is due to a chemical imbalance, then might shaking interfere with chemical pathways? An expert would know. Either w ( Full Answer )

How does Borderline Personality Disorder differ from Antisocial Personality Disorder?

Answer . In sharp contrast to Anti-Social Personality Disorder (sociopathy) is another personality disorder, termed Borderline Personality Disorder , in which the problem is the opposite of the problem of the sociopath: the sympathetic nervous system of person with BPD responds too easily, ( Full Answer )

Could Antisocial Personality Disorder be said to open up medical concerns?

Answer . (I must mention: I have not yet had so much trouble with paragraphingin WikiAnswers! It keeps putting bullets in places where I don't wantthem, and it won't let me erase them. Plus, it indented a bunch ofstuff without my wanting it to be so, and it ignored my efforts toreparagraph. So ( Full Answer )

Where does the weeping of someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder come from?

Thenear-constant state of frustration and dissatisfaction felt by a truepsychopath is the source of not only their rages but those eerie,on-and-off-like-a-faucet tears. (Yes, tears are seen even in some men,though of course still more common in children and women.) Another comment, from the di ( Full Answer )

How is a socipath different from an antisocial person?

Answer . A sociopath has little to no regard for rules or effect of their actions on others. An anti social person is someone who doesn't want to interact with people or go out, but the disease (Antisocial Personality Disorder) is the same thing as a sociopath. . A person can exhibit antisoc ( Full Answer )

Is antisocial personality disorder treatable?

Answer . In principle it ought to be possible to treat sociopaths, but generally they do their utmost to avoid treatment. It's also said that their inability to learn (from experience) causes problems.

What is antisocial personality disorder?

ASPD is one of several names for emotional disorders in which the subject lacks empathy and conscience, and no regard for the rights of others. You can read more at the link below.. Antisocial personality disorder is a type of mental condition wherethe affected person shows no regard for the rights ( Full Answer )

Who are some famous people with antisocial personality disorders?

Daniel Gonzalez Charles Manson Robert Maudsley Ian Brady John Straffen Ted Bundy Mary Bell Jeffrey Dahmer Adolph Hitler Charles Milles Manson Theodore (Ted) Robert Bundy Jeffrey Dahmer I think Scott Peterson was classified as such\ ////I'm sorry, but I would not have given ( Full Answer )

What are the Criteria for antisocial personality disorder?

Failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviors as indicated by repeatedly performing acts that are grounds for arrest. Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure impulsivity or failure to plan ahead. I ( Full Answer )

What year was Antisocial Personality Disorder discovered?

In 1801 by Philippe Pinel. He was first to recognise it as a disorded. Throughout time it was called other thing like moral insanity. The first to set diagnostic criteria was Hervey Cleckley in 1941.

What is it like living with antisocial personality disorder?

People with APD do not believe there is anything wrong with them, and consider themselves superior to the rest of us. The lack of certain emotional reactions could make things a bit boring, but all in all it probably isn't too bad -- from their point of view. From the standpoint of others who liv ( Full Answer )

Where is antisocial personality disorder most prominent?

Antisocial Personality Disorder is found worldwide. It seems less common in countries and societies that have limited personal freedom, but it may simply be that more APDs in those societies find ways to fit in and stay out of trouble. Worldwide, approximately 2-3% of the population express APD symp ( Full Answer )

Compare and contrast the characteristics of schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder?

Schizophrenia is a disorder of thought. It manifests as psychotic symptoms, disorganized symptoms, catatonic symptoms and negative symptoms. Those include delusions, disorganized speech, hallucinations, avolition, anhedonia, thought disorder, and many others. Sz is thought to be caused by irregular ( Full Answer )

Can a person be both borderline and antisocial?

Yes. Straight simple answer, the DSM IV TR allows multiple diagnosis on Axis II meaning you can have all the personality disorders technically, although unlikely. Further, the chances of having a certain personality disorder is significantly increased when you already have one. Borderline and antiso ( Full Answer )

What is a name of someone that has antisocial disorder?

The most common term is sociopath. However, like most catchall terms, sociopath often is used to refer to people with other personality disorders. The correct term is "antisocial personality."

What causes Antisocial Personality Disorder?

According to Robert Hare's checklist of childhood precursors, maternal deprivation seems to play a major role in the upbringing of a psychopath.

Is antisocial personality disorder curable?

Yes! with therapy and optimism //Actually, there is no cure for personality disorders nor can they be managed successfully with drugs or therapy.

How do you live with a person who has antisocial personality disorder?

An old-fashioned name for antisocial personality disorder is psychopath. These are damaged people, and most of the damage was probably done during their childhoods. A person with antisocial personality disorder was most likely neglected or abused as a child. But the abuse and neglect doesn't have to ( Full Answer )

What is the prognosis for someone who is a sociopath or has an antisocial personality disorder?

The condition is not curable, nor is it even treatable. There is no known treatment of any kind for antisocial personality disorder that has shown any efficacy. No drugs have shown to be effective and interactions with therapists tend to make sociopaths more manipulative, rather than less so. The ( Full Answer )

How many traits do you have to have to have antisocial personality disorder?

According to the DSM-4 the diagnosis must meet all of the following criteria: A) There is a pervasive pattern of disregard for and the rights of others occurring since the age of 15, as indicated by three (or more) of the following: . failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful be ( Full Answer )

What are the symptoms of antisocial personality disorder?

Not learning from experience. . No sense of responsibility. . Inability to form meaningful relationships, yet quite charming at first. . Inability to control impulses. . Lack of moral sense. . Chronically antisocial behavior. . No change in behavior after punishment. . Emotional immaturity. ( Full Answer )

How does antisocial personality disorder affect a person's life?

I have Social Anxiety Disorder and I will give it to you straight. It only effects my life when I'm asked to go up in front of a class or a group, or when I get put on the spotlight. It doesn't effect my life in any other way. Hope that helped! ~Sarah

Is there a difference between antisocial personality disorder and borderline personality disorder?

yep . Yes, there's a huge difference. To grossly oversimplify Borderline Personality Disorder is literally an emotinal dysregulation disorder. The emotions are there. The empathy and compassion are there. The patient may be self absorbed with their own intense emotional problems to spare any additi ( Full Answer )

Is antisocial disorder and narcissism the same thing?

No. But they are on the SAME spectrum. Narcissism at the "lower" end and ASPD on the "higher" end. All ASPDs are Narcissists Not all Narcissists are ASPDs... yet this is why they share many traits. What distinguishes them is the severity of those traits.

What makes antisocial personality disorder maladaptive?

Here is a brief recap of what I found out about Antisocial Personality Disorder, among other Pd's, in a Youtube lecture based on the book Personality Disorders in Modern Life: Antisocials violate others rights without seeing doing so as being necessarily wrong. They may even be proud of it, and en ( Full Answer )

How is antisocial different from multiple personality disorders?

Antisocial people have no conscience and don't care about others. They may be criminals. But people with multiple personality disorder (now called Dissociative Identity Disorder) have so-called "split personalities", where one minute they may act like one person, and the next minute, they will te ( Full Answer )

What are the characteristics of antisocial personality disorder?

Patients with antisocial personality disorder are sometimes referred to as sociopaths or psychopaths. They are characterized by lying, manipulativeness, and a selfish disregard for the rights of others; some may act impulsively.

Is antisocial personality disorder the same as agoraphobia?

No, not at all. People mistakenly assume that "antisocial" means "shy". That's wrong. Antisocial means "against society" - in other words, an antisocial person is someone who doesn't care about people, or hurts them. Many antisocial people are criminals (though not all of them always are). Antis ( Full Answer )

Did Charles Manson ever get help for antisocial personality disorder?

Manson has seen his share of psychiatrists and psychologists. And one has only to listen to him speak for five minutes to realize he is not mentally stable. But personality disorders are not curable, which is where they deviate from true mental illness. An individual's personality is formed in the f ( Full Answer )

Can bipolar disorder and antisocial personality disorder coexist?

Yes, I believe that both bipolar disorder and antisocial personality disorder can coexist. People are complex and unique and both the labels of bipolar disorder and antisocial personality disorder are abstractions are are ways to classify human beings.

Who affects antisocial personality disorder?

People who are affected by antisocial personality disorder; usuallyare people with a childhood history of abuse, neglect, deprivation,or abandonment. Also people who associate with anti-social peers,and those who's parents are anti-social or alcoholics.