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Who gives Juliet the poison in Romeo and Juliet?

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Friar Lawrence gave Juliet the poison in Romeo and Juliet.

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Juliet asks the Friar to help her avoid marrying Paris and be with Romeo. To accomplish this he gives her the poison that will feign death.

They commit suicide, Juliet with a knife and Romeo with poison.

Romeo takes poison because he thinks Juliet is dead. He then dies of the poison. Juliet wakes up, she sees Romeo dead and she stabs herself with his dagger. Tragic.

Romeo drank poison and Juliet stabbed herself with his dagger.

The name of the poison was not revealed in the play.

Romeo does, and so does Mrs. Capulet.

He drinks poison, in Juliet tomb to "die with her", thinking Juliet was really dead. And Juliet stabbs herself when she see Romeo dead.

romeo died from drinking poison and Juliet died from stabbing herself in chest

Romeo visits an apothecary to buy poison to be with Juliet.

To be with Juliet because she is dead.

Juliet kisses Romeo because she wants to see if there is any poison left on his lips so that she could drink some poison and also die , because there is no point in living now, now that Romeo is gone.

Juliet killed herself and Romeo drank poison because he thought Juliet was already dead.

In the play, Romeo last sees Juliet in the tomb, and thinking that she is dead, he drinks poison.

He does not wish to live without Juliet, and he believes that Juliet is dead.

The Apothecary...but only because Romeo pays him a lot of money to.

Romeo dies by drinking a vial of poison after he sees a "dead" Juliet.

Romeo kills himself with poison bought from the apothecary and Juliet stabs herself with Romeo's dagger.

act 3 scene 5 lines 97-98 Juliet is talking about Romeo dying of poison, and in the end he dies after drinking poison.

Juliet says that she will not be satisfied until Romeo is dead, and she wants to mix the poison that her mother will send him.

for Juliet to drank the poison and then fall into a come. 42 hours later she will wake up and romeo and Juliet can move away. because romeo was banished from the town.

Romeo thinks Juliet is dead so he buys a poison to kill himself when he finds her he drinks the poison thinking shes dead. when Juliet wakes up she sees him there and sees the poison after finding out hes dead she kills herself

Romeo is depressed about Juliet dieing, he can't live any more.