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There is no way of getting a free Superstar membership on Stardoll.

Regular membership is free but you can't get free superstar membership.

yes because sometimes stardoll staff gives you free days but if your talking about full membership then no

You cannot. If people say that you can, they are trying to scam you.

You cant. There is no such thing as free superstar membership on stardoll. You can buy a prepaid card at Wal-mart, Target, Giant Eagle, Etc. Add me on Stardoll: HeyItsNeisha

there isn't , in order for you to become superstar you need to pay "/You have to pay.Unless someone gives it to you for free,you can't.few have become a superstar for free. only the people nearest to the stardoll staff do it, otherwise get to know stardoll staff (callie.stardoll) and ask (politely) for a superstar code which are incredibly rare!

You can get a free VIP membership from superstar racing's sponsors.

You cannot. There are no cheats.There are only SCAMS that are fake.It is not possible to Hack Stardoll anyway.You cannot unless someone else gives you a code.There is no way. I'm terribly sorry.You cannot do it for free.There are no free codes.No there is not. You need to pay. It is just the rules.No, you can't be superstar on stardoll for free, you have to pay real money.The reason you can't be a superstar for free is that Stardoll is a business and as such needs to make money, not give things away.

Well, you can earn points on Stuffpoint. And ones you earned enough points, you can redeem your points to the membership card from stardoll :)

Becuase, the stardoll staff have to have permission and money to put new things on the website, if they could do it for free, then superstar probably would be

On Stardoll a Superstar day is on the third day that you have had an account you get a free Superstar day where you can buy anything superstar! you can buy makeup's, clothes, accessories, furniture for your suite, you can broadcast, you can design your own clothes and buy them!! a superstar day gives you 24 hours to see what it is like as a superstar and you can judge on it whether you want to upgrade to a superstar!

No. No member at all can get free superstar membership. If you want to be come a superstar go to the right corner of your suite and press UPGRADE. Then chose your package. (the best one is 12 months for £47 or so) Ask your Mum or Dad to pay the package and their credit card will be charged.

You can be a member of stardoll for free but you have to pay if you want to be a superstar.

Follow and once they have 50 members they will give out free superstar to all the 50 members so be quick!

All you have to do is sign up! (With an e-mail, username and password) You will not have to pay for anything unless you want to change to a Superstar membership and get full rights to all of Stardolls features.

few have become a superstar for free. only the people nearest to the stardoll staff do it, otherwise get to know stardoll staff (callie.stardoll) and ask (politely) for a superstar code which are incredibly rare!

You get sent a message from the stardoll admin with the subject called free dress for superstarOr on your superstar for a day just buy it form voile.

If you are a normal member (if you want to sign up) then yes it is free, but if you are too young you have to enter an email address. If you want to become a Superstar then you have to pay money though.

No, Stardoll is free to all users. But if you want to be a Superstar you will need to pay for that.

It's completely free, unless you want superstar.

A Stardoll employee code is a code that gives the person who uses it lots of starpoints, stardollars and a free forever (maybe) superstar membership. Or so I've told... Any answers that say "Send your user name and password to ___" or "change your email to ___. It really works!" or something like that are fakes. Do NOT do what they say. They just want to hack the Superstar accounts.

Yes! Go to and register. Complete surveys to get 200 points and then you can swap your points for a free SS membership! Easy! PS. My Stardoll username is true_liana

Well there have to be any cheaty tricks to be happen. Because as long as I've tried to get a free Superstar Membership, I've never got it. Or else there have to be someone who give you free giftcodes for that As long as for me no-one as given me any free giftcodes.

You cant get a code on the Internet for free but if you would like to be a superstar you have to buy one . Add me on stardoll Miss.cherrydrop

Maybe you can in the future if superstar is free! But the lowest price for being a superstar is $1! Add me :avneetcatalina!!

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