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The sumerians

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Q: Who had the earliest record of astronomical observations?
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What is the earliest record of an astronomical observation?

Egyptians in Nabatea AROUND 6500 bce.

Who was the first astronomer use telescope?

The Italian scientist Galileo Galilei is the first to record astronomical observations, back around 1610.

What were the oldest astronomical observations?

The Babylonians did the first recorded astronomical observations and for this they also invented the idea of angles and then decided to divide a circle into 360 degrees.

Megaliths were most probably related to?

Astronomical observations.

How does the atmosphere limit astronomical observations?

By being gay.

What do you call the place for making astronomical observations?

An observatory.

Who was the first person to use a telescope for astronomical observations?


How does the atmosphere affect astronomical observations?

It focuses visible light.

What part did thomas harriott play forming current ideas about astronomy?

Harriott is credited with early works in optics, and made the first illustrations of the Moon as seen through a telescope, some months before Galileo. His observations on sunspots were also the earliest, or perhaps THE earliest, on record. But he published none of his astronomical and scientific work, and his manuscripts were finally cataloged after his death.

What is the earliest record of a printed newspaper?

The earliest record of a printed newspaper is in China.

How can observations be recorded?

You need to record observations by writing them and typing them.

In what ways did the astronomical observations of Galileo support a heliocentric cosmology?

There are two major astronomical observations of Galileo that supported a heliocentric cosmology. Galileo observed that Jupiter had moons orbiting it and that Venus had phases like the Moon.

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