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Q: Who had to re marry Kelly Preston when it turned out his first wedding to her conducted by a French Scientologist was illegal?
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Who conducted the wedding ceremony for romeo and Juliet?

Friar laurence

How a christian wedding is different to an Islamic wedding?

In a Christian Wedding, the traditions from what the bride and groom prepares and wears to the traditional wedding symbols are different from that of the Islam wedding that is conducted in accordance to the Islamic Koran

Do Jewish wedding minyans exist?

If the wedding ceremony is held under religious circumstances, then there is a need for a minyan in a wedding, for the religious ceremony conducted by the Rabbi.

Why is it illegal to throw rice at a wedding?

considering to be littering

Is it illegal to cut an original tag out of a wedding dress and then sell it?

Im surE its not illegal but i wouldn't do it

Is faking a wedding illegal or not?

It's not illegal to stage a wedding (say, for the purposes of a play or movie) where everyone involved knows that the wedding is not real.It's definitely illegal if the intent is to deceive one (or both) of the parties to the wedding into believing that it was real.Otherwise... it sort of depends on the circumstances. It could potentially be considered fraud if the intent was to deceive people into believing that the couple was married.

Who took the service at Prince Willam's wedding?

The wedding vows were conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury but the Dean of Westminster also officiated along with the Bishop of London who gave the sermon.

What was the name of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wedding celebrant?

Their wedding service was conducted by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of the Church of England.

Is it illegal for a 12 year old plus a 12 year old have a wedding?


Is same-sex marriage illegal in China?

It's not legal. You can have a wedding ceremony if you want, but it's not recognized.

Is it illegal to throw rice at a wedding in Mississippi?

yes it is illegeal because it is the fourth longest river in the world

How do you marry someone who is illegal immigrant who is in jail?

Wait until he/she is released back to their country of birth and plan your wedding under legal circumstances. No one is allowed to marry illegal aliens.

Does the father of the groom have to match the amount of money provided for his daughters wedding?

It is illegal for a brother and sister to marry."the father of the groom""his daughters wedding"In your question the father and his are the same person so we can not answer your question·

Can a illegal immigrant get married in California?

Yes. Suggestion: do some research on "california confidential wedding" ( use as a start)

Can a person have a wedding ceremony while still married to someone else?

No a person cannot legally have a wedding ceremony while still married to another. It's called bigamy and is illegal in all States.

Who married Whitney Houston and bobby brown?

If you mean which minister conducted their wedding, they were married by Pastor Marvin Winans. if you mean did they ever re-marry once they got divorced, they did not.

What movie and television projects has Mark Preston Miller been in?

Mark Preston Miller has: Played Scooter in "Lost in Transit: The Junkyard Willie Movie" in 2007. Played Lee in "Freakshow" in 2007. Played Chance in "Out at the Wedding" in 2007. Played Throat Slash tenant in "Evilution" in 2008. Played Dave in "Hard Breakers" in 2010.

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{| ! Year |} {| ! Traditional |} {| ! Modern |} 1st Wedding Anniversarypaperclock2nd Wedding Anniversarycotton/strawchina3rd Wedding Anniversaryleathercrystal/glass4th Wedding Anniversarybooks/flowers/fruitlinen/silk5th Wedding Anniversarywoodsilverware6th Wedding Anniversaryiron/sugarwood7th Wedding Anniversarycopper/wooldesk set8th Wedding Anniversarybronze/potterylace/linen9th Wedding Anniversarypottery/willowleather10th Wedding Anniversaryaluminum/tindiamond jewelry11th Wedding Anniversarysteelfashion jewelry12th Wedding Anniversarylinen/silkcolor gems/pearls13th Wedding Anniversarylacefurs/textiles14th Wedding Anniversaryivorygold jewelry15th Wedding Anniversarycrystalwatches20th Wedding Anniversarychinaplatinum25th Wedding Anniversarysilversilver30th Wedding Anniversarypearlsdiamond jewelry35th Wedding Anniversarycoraljade40th Wedding Anniversaryrubyruby45th Wedding Anniversarysapphiresapphire50th Wedding Anniversarygoldgold55th Wedding Anniversaryemeraldemerald60th Wedding Anniversarydiamonddiamond70th Wedding Anniversarydiamond/platinumplatinum75th Wedding Anniversarydiamonddiamond

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Wedding? What wedding?

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Was the wedding at Andre rieu wedding at the opera a real wedding?


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A wedding arch that you can use when you have a wedding.