Who has more fans between Rihanna and beyonce?


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apart from 2012 it's Rihanna !

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Rihanna has sold more than Beyonce.

beyonce is because she sells more records Yep

I'd say Beyonce , because she has been famous longer, but Rihanna is getting is probably close.

Beyonce. by farrrrrrrrrr. old rihanna was sexy but i hate her hair now its so fugly and she wears fugly clothes and that's not hot. Beyonce is insanely sexy so BEYONCE WINS

No.Beyonce will always be better and have more everything than ciara

Lady gaga!!!!!!! She has like 2,000,00 or more fans! Beyonce has less fans than justin biber! 1.)lady gaga 2.)justin biber 3.)????? 4.)????? 5.)????? 6.)beyonce

Madonna trumps Beyonce! Madonna has sold 275-300 millions copies and Beyonce has sold 75 million (BTW Rihanna has sold 80 million!)

Beyonce is because she has fans from all genres, ethnicity's, and walks of life. she can sale out stadiums. actors and actresses dont get the recognition they deserve.. but Beyonce has millions of fans. Beyonce made 315 million in 2009 and Angelina made 27 millon,,statistics don't lie!!!!! The one that makes the most money is supported, if you are supported you have lots of fans thus making you more popular.

beyonce, brandy, Whitney Houston, rihanna, keri hilson, and lots lots more.....

Beyonce. Beyonce is the 4th richest most powerful celebrity in the world! and also the Richest Celebrity Under 30.

Rihanna spends more money Rihanna spends more money Rihanna spends more money

Beyonce. She has had a much longer career than Rihanna (Who started in 2005 as a solo artist) from Destiny's Child to solo artist. She is also the wife of Jay Z who topped Forbes Celebrity rich list several years. So is not a fair competition, since one has been in the industry longer.

It is Kim Kardashian because she was born after so she has got more money than Beyonce

Janet Jackson between 140-150 million Beyonce solo 15-20 million Beyonce with Destiny Child 50 million Janet Jackson sold more, with Beyonce and Destiny Child Combined.

This is just a rumor. Jay Z is married to Beyonce and they have a daughter together. But there have been rumors that their marriage is facing problems. But these are just rumors nothing more.

Rihanna is searched for more often on Google, and she is internationally know, so probably Rihanna.

It depends on your perspective. Lets say you like Rihanna more than Santa Claus then maybe Rihanna more famous to you!

so far beyonce, and her right hand man Jay-Z does, but so does Kanye West, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and apparently Taylor swift.....but there is more!

Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, many more - just search them

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