Who has more national championships Missouri or Kansas?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Kansas. Kansas has won 13 national championships and Missouri has won 2.

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Q: Who has more national championships Missouri or Kansas?
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How many conference championships has Kansas won in basketball?

Kansas has won 51 conference championships in basketball, more than any other college basketball team

How many national championships has KU won?

Through March Madness 2008, Kansas State has never won an NCAA Division I basketball championship. They have played in one final, that being 1951, and were defeated by Kentucky 68-58.

Who has more national championships duke or north carolia?

North Carolina has won 5 national championships, in 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005, 2009. Duke has won 4, in 1991, 1992, 2001 & 2010. Teams with more or the same amount of championships than UNC and Duke: UCLA - 11 Championships Kentucky - 7 Championships Indiana - 5 Championships Connecticut - 4 Championships Kansas - 3 Championships

Who has more sports national championships Michigan or Duke?


More of Kansas City is in this state than in Kansas?

If I am reading your question right, I believe the answer would be Missouri.

Why do two states have a Kansas City?

This is just one of many, many city and town names that are found in more than one state. It is not unusual at all.

How many National championships does Georgia Tech have?

They have won 2 1942 and 1980

Who has played in more national championships in 10 years?

THE Ohio State Buckeyes

Who has more national championships Alabama or Nebraska?

Alabama. Roll tide roll

Which state has more national parks Utah or Missouri?


Who has more national championships Michigan or Ohio State?

Michigan don't forget Ohio st won in 1960. that would be a tie with Michigan

Who has more National Championships in football Southern California or Alabama?

Alabama claims 12 National Titles while Southern California lays claim to 11.