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Who has spiritomb in Pokemon platinum?


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there is spiritomb in Pokemon Black and White too.There is one person......................................................... Cynthia the champion.

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Roserade Togekiss Garchomp Spiritomb Milotic Lucario

Arceus or Spiritomb. It depends on who your going to fight.

Well i know you can get one in diamond, pearl and platinum you may need to trade a Pokemon to diamond or pearl or platinum and your friend must give spiritomb.

spiritomb in the sinnoh dex lickitung in the national dex

she has milotic,gastrodon,garchomp,spiritomb,lucario,togekiss

he wasnt created at that time. he is new for platinum pearl and diamond

Cynthia has: Spiritomb Lucario Garchomp Togekiss Milotic roserade

cythia has garchomp, roserade, milotic, spiritomb, lucario, and tokikiss

breed a ditto with a spiritomb

If you got your own spiritomb in platinum, Cynthia would still have her spiritomb.

if you mean spiritomb a noctowl does,nt evolve. you get spiritomb at the broken tower when you talk to 35 people underground trust me.

The champion is Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, is Cynthia. She has various Pokemon-types. She is the Sinnoh Champion. Her Pokemon are Spiritomb, Lucario, Togekiss, Milotic, Garchomp and Roserade. In Platinum, Cynthia has a Togekiss. In Diamond and Pearl, she has a Gastrodon.

you ave to meet 32 0r 36 people in the underground

Arceus has the best overall stats. Spiritomb has no weaknesses. It really depends on who you're fighting.

Either Spiritomb or Arceus. Spiritomb has no weakness, so at level 100 its basically unstoppable. Arcues is super pwnsome if you teach it Dragon moves while holding a Draco Plate.

The Spiritomb in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum is level 25.

on pokemon platinum you have to have the odd keystone and go to somewhere and there will be a thing called the hollowed tower and you put the odd keystone in it and use your explorer kit and talk to 30 people and come to the surfise and spiritomb should be there(:

Most of the time its spiritomb because in bw2 she 1st sends ou that pokemon

Number 108 in the Pokedex for Pokemon Platinum is Spiritomb. It can be encountered by talking to 32 people underground (Excluding the Hikers; it has to be a friend.) and putting the Odd Keystone in the broken tower west of Route 209. Also, Champion Cynthia has Spiritomb in her Party, which can be count as an entry to the Pokedex.

Cynthia has a Garchomp, Spiritomb, Milotic, Lucario, Roserade, and a Togekiss. Her Pokemon are mostly around level 60-73. Thanks If That Helps!

no. you can get male spiritomb.

do u have a action replay if u do u can fight Cynthia and when she throws out spiritomb throw a pokeball

spiritomb and if u want to see it u can see it when you battle cynthea (elite four champion)

Spiritomb isn't in Pokemon Silver, Gold, or Crystal at all.

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