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The best album on stardoll is birdgirl30 even though it's under construction.

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โˆ™ 2014-06-03 01:15:17
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Q: Who has the best album on stardoll?
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How do you get animations in your album on stardoll?

you cant

How do you check your album on stardoll?

You click on my page then follow it over to album.

How do you turn on the rating in your album in stardoll?

It is always on

How do you enter your album in the contest on stardoll?

you don't have to people just go to your album and vote for your album

How do you turn on Rate my album on stardoll?

Go to your album and choose if you want it to be rated or not.

How can you put your pictures in your album on stardoll?

You just have to drag it.

How do you finish an album on stardoll?

You click the save button?

How do you dress scene on stardoll?

maybe you do it in ur album!

How do you add a scenery to a club in Stardoll?

you just can pick a photo from your stardoll album ps look at my acount jade87star

Who has the best presentation on stardoll?

...Chrissy... has the best Stardoll presentation and vote her covergirl she deserves it!

Can you dress your friends on Stardoll?

yes you can and you can also so save it on your album :)

On stardoll is it possible to have 50 album pages?

No 30 is the maxium for superstars.

How do you get friends in your album on stardoll?

getting friends onstardoll is really simple

Who is the best doll on stardoll?


How do you put rate my album on so people can rate it on stardoll?

Go to your album and choose if you want it to be rated or not.i hope this helps!

How do you write in your album on stardoll?

Here are the steps: 1.Go to your album. 2.Click on the mini-tab that says text 3.Drag the one you want. 4.Write it 5.Save your album. BTW: If you want free stuff on stardoll go to

How do you put the dolls that you make on stardoll into your album?

you just have to press save below the doll!

Is 50cent on stardoll?

yes youre allowed to dress him up and save him to your personal album

What does a stardoll prepaid card do?

A stardoll prepaid card enables you to become superstar for a certain period of time. Superstars are the paying members of stardoll who get access to extra stardoll activites, such as more dolls, a bigger album, and a much much wider selection of clothes.

What is the best help line on stardoll?

The only help you can get for Stardoll is on Stardoll. I think Stardoll's help is rubbish, it doesn't help at all personally, but I'm afraid it is the only help you can get.

How do you edit your album on stardoll?

Click on 'My Page' and then click on the tab 'Album'. You can then edit your album by clicking on the arrow at the side, to bring up the album menu. You can edit your album with dolls you have dressed up, stickers text and more.

How do you make your page black in your stardoll album?

Buy Somthing Black Zoom it big if needed and just put it on your album. Hope that helped. (:

What is the best stardoll club?

Fashionwind And Twilight

Where is your diary on Stardoll?

Type your answer here... there is no diary in stardoll but there is an album,but everyone can see it add me my medoll is called : starlight.b 92222475-62dd-4980-b1b3-60d4c92c7f29 1.03.01

How do you save your medoll in your album on stardoll?

when your in your suite clck the button next to the save your suite button