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Probably southern resources in sugarcreek area or foils

In concord area

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Q: Who has the best prices for scrap aluminum in Charlotte NC?
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Scrap metal prices in California USA?

Scrap metal prices are dependent upon basic economics as well as the major metal exchanges and market that include the London Metal Exchange, Comex, Shanghai China, etc. Prices for ferrous scrap (iron, HMS, Steel) s typically in dollars per ton whereas non-ferrous scrap metal (copper, aluminum, brass, etc.) is by the pound. Ferrous prices fluctuate much less then non-ferrous scrap metal prices. Best method to check prices is via internet website posting pricing or call your local dealer and ask what the prices for your specific scrap metal is for that day.

What is the price of scrap aluminium in the UK?

Scrap aluminum depends upon the grade and type (meaning is it wire, is it plate, etc.). Also your location in the world depends on how much you will get. Prices fluctuate daily. In the US, bare aluminum wire is around $1.20 per pound. Aluminum extrusions are around $1.25 per lb. For more pricing see the link belowAluminum scrap metal prices vary based upon Comex, LME and general economic conditions (supply/demand). It also depends upon your location in the world.As an example, East Coast USA pricing for scrap aluminum in early June 2011 is as followsAluminum Siding $0.66/lb.Aluminum Windows $0.60 /lb.Cast Aluminum $0.58/lb.Sheet Aluminum $0.54 /lb.Scrap Alum-CU Rads(clean) $1.80 lbCheck online for current scrap metal prices to ensure you get best pricing at the scrap yard.The average price for aluminum cans is .60 p/lbAluminum cans are only one type of aluminum scrap. Here are some average prices in USA for other grades of scrap aluminum for early June 2011Aluminum Siding $0.66/lb.Cast Aluminum $0.58/lb.Sheet Aluminum $0.54 /lb.Aluminum prices like other scrap prices fluctuate so check online for current pricing.Scrap Aluminum prices vary based on grade and quantity of material. Old mixed aluminum is around $45 cents per lb, Cast Aluminum is around $1.15 per lb.

What is scrap steel worth per ton?

For the best prices on scrap metal, contact your local EMR site

Who will give you daily scrap metal recycling prices?

I collect scrap metals and bring to scrap recycling yards. How can I be sure I'm getting the best price for my efforts? Where do you find the current prices that tha scrap yards are getting for their scrap? There are many pay for and free sources of current scrap metal prices. Most scrap metal prices are based upon Comex and LME pricing less a percentage. If you call the scrap yard or recycling yard, ask them for their current prices and they will gladly provide. Just know what type of scrap metal you have so they can give you the prper pricing.

Price per pound of aluminum cans in Missouri?

About 30 cents per pound (about 34 cans). Prices do change often so its best to call scrap metal place for active price.

What jewelry stores in Charlotte NC buys scrap gold?

Hi i have been to four stores in Charlotte but at last i found a best price paid by Fazel Jewelers on South Blvd they buy any condition and any scrap and broken pieces of Jewelery.

Who pays the highest prices for scrap metal in Alabama?

This answer changes regularly. It is best to call all the local scrap yards and ask for their currant rates prior to taking a load.

How much money is a pound of aluminum cans in Missouri?

around 30 cents a pound (about 34 cans) but prices change daily so it is best to call a scrap metal place near you (check the yellow pages)

Where can I buy case aluminum garden furniture?

There are many places that sell cast aluminum patio furniture. Shop around for the best prices and make sure it is solid aluminum and not aluminum plated. That makes a difference.

What is the price per pound of scrap copper wire in cincinatti Ohio?

Current prices of scrap metal prices for copper vary depending on grade (bare brite, #1, #2 etc.). No.1 heavy scrap copper is around $3.25 per lb whereas No.1 Bare Brite copper wire is around $3.33 per lb. (as of May 31, 2008) Updates Mid June 2011 - current copper prices are based upon Comex, LME and spot market prices which in turn are based on economic conditions. Of all the scrap metals, copper is one of the metal that recently is seeing significant fluctuations. Post of a price here would be obsolete within 24hrs. Best suggestion is to check various online sources then call your local scrap yard and compae what the yard is offering versus comex pricing to make sure you obtain best pricing. As far as copper wire, always strip the insulation off the copper cable or wire to get the highest scrap copper prices.

Who has best price in Willoughby Ohio for scrap carbide?

Ettkin Scrap has the best price for carbide scrap in Willoughby Ohio and pays cash or check same day .Ettkin Scrap pays top dollar for Industrial scrap metal.

Copper scrap price in NJ?

Scrap metal prices are very dynamic and are constantly changing daily. Copper scrap is also priced based on grade of the scrap copper meaning light gauge copper wire with insulation is a lower scrap price then stripped bare large copper cable (bare brite) or buss bar. In NJ as of May 2011 the price for #1bare brite copper wire is around $3.50 per lb and #1 Copper Tubing is around $3.25/lb. PLease keep in mind copper price do fluctuate and you should check prices daily to ensure you obtain best recycling prices possible