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Someone in excellent physical and mental condition with a preponderance of fast-twitch muscle fiber.

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By far Table Tennis. The ball goes over 110km/h and you are less than 3 meters away from each other.

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Q: Who has the fastest reflexes?
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Who has the world's fastest reflexes?

Chuck Norris

What animal has the quickest reflexes?

the cheeta has the fastest reflexes and is known as the fastest animal alive The Cheetah is not the fastest animal alive, the Peregrine Falcon holds that record with a top speed well in excess of 200mph. The Cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth, but does not have the fastest reflexes. The top speed of an animal is no indication of it's reflex capability. As far as I am aware, the mammal with the fastest reflexes in the world (as opposed to the fastest animal on earth) is the mongoose, as it is the only animal quick enough to successfully evade the strike of a cobra. i.e. it can react after the snake has struck, and is still fast enough to avoid being bitten. Overall though, insects have massively faster reflexes than any mammal or reptile.

What sports require and or develop the fastest reflexes?

Research (done some decades back, actually) has found that the fastest reflexes are among "Olympic" weightlifters (i.e. those who do snatch, clean & jerk, and their associated lifts).

What animal has the fastest reflexes?

As far as I am aware, the animal with the fastest reflexes in the world (as opposed to the fastest animal on earth) is the mongoose, as it is the only animal quick enough to evade the strike of a cobra. though i agree with this, i think if something has the fastest reflexis it would be a bug but also there is a flower which snaps open almost completely instantly

What does Reflexes 2 in medical terms mean?

"Reflexes 2" or "reflexes +2" indicates normal reflexes.

What are innate reflexes?

Innate reflexes are reflexes that result from the connections of neurons during their development.

What is reflexes 2 plus?

Normal reflexes

Name two somatic reflexes in which the higher brain centers participate?

superficial cord reflexes and pupillary responses.

What reflexes are classified as autonomic reflexes?

The ciliospinal reflex and the pupillary light reflex are classified as autonomic reflexes.

When does a baby have reflexes?

Babies are born with reflexes. These reflexes, such as rooting and sucking, make it so the baby can survive.

What would happen if you had no reflexes?

if you don't have reflexes,you can't move because your body like a rock and a reflexes.

Which mammal has slow reflexes?

The sloths have slow reflexes.

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