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Who has the most movies to select from blockbuster or netflix?

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βˆ™ 2016-01-06 00:48:31

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Both Netflix and Blockbuster have nearly everything that has been released. I don't think it matters if you're looking for a certain movie, I'm sure both will have it. It just depends on whether there's a waiting list to receive the movie or not.

2016-01-06 00:48:31
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2015-05-14 20:30:42

At this point, I would say Netflix, since Blockbuster went bankrupt. Blockbuster no longer has existing stores in the tangible world. I haven't heard whether or not they are still trying to hold a presence on the internet.

2015-05-14 20:30:42
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Q: Who has the most movies to select from blockbuster or netflix?
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Does blockbuster buy used movies?

Most Blockbuster stores no longer exist. Sometimes they buy used movies but you would have to ask inside the store.

Most rented movie of all time?

The Shawshank Redemption.. According to Blockbuster and Netflix.

What is the most proper site for download movies?


Where can you watch 17 again full movie?

Did You Try Going To Your Nearest Movie Provider( Blockbuster most likely ) Or Used Netflix? If Not do that

Where can someone find the most popular English movies?

Hi,Thanks to the streaming partners, you can view many blockbuster movies online. You can watch movies like Forest grump, men in black, social network, the ring, princess diaries, and more on platforms such as amazon prime, Hotstar, Netflix, and even youtube.

Is there any big blockbuster action movies set in a female prison?

There are a few films that take place in a female prison but none that were blockbuster action movies. Most were smaller films. The biggest hit was not an action movie but a musical called Chicago. It was based on the broadway play. Sucker Punch was a blockbuster action movie but took place in a female insane asylum and not a prison.

Where to wach online movies?

Many people now a days watch movies on-line. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the most widely memberships used at this time to watch movies.

What types of movies does Netflix provide?

Netflix has all types of movies. Most are old. They have comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, TV show, sitcom, romance, independent films, international, historical, war, and more. They even have inappropriate movies but only by mail. lol.

What hallmark movies are on Netflix disc rental?

You will have a hard time finding any like Lifetime, most HM movies were made for tv only

Where will i find Resident Evil and Resident Evil extinction films to buy?

At most places that sell movies. ex:WalMart, Vintage Stock, Blockbuster.

Where can you watch movies online?

The most popular ones are ... Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu. Networks, cable & broadcast web sites offer movies for streaming.

Where could one go to rent foreign movies?

Foreign movies can be rented from specialist video retailers. Blockbuster will also sell a limited number of foreign films most likely with English subtitles

Where can one stream movies online?

There are many places where you can stream movies online. The most popular place would be Netflix. You can stream to your computer, tablet, or gaming system.

What site can you watch movies?

Netflix, youtube, hulu, etc. but if they are newer and under copyright you can't legally get them for free. Most illegal sites have more trojans than movies

Where can blockbuster coupons be found?

The Sunday newspaper is the most reliable source to find blockbuster coupons.

Why are there hardly any movies on Netflix?

Netflix has the most expansive library of any movie rental service that I have encountered. If, however, you're referring to the Netflix Instant Streaming option specifically, streaming is seen as an extremely risky proposition financially, so many distributors do not want their movies available as part of the service. Netflix is required to receive permission with the movie studios which own the rights to the movies before it can offer them, and that process usually involves hard bargaining on both ends.

What are the most popular Hindi movies available on the web?

There are many Hindi movies online. Many Hindi movies come from the Bollywood genre. Deepa Mehta's films Water and Earth are very popular online and can be found on Netflix.

From where I can download movies?

There are many sites that allow you to download movies, some for free and some paid. Youtube has some full length movies available. The most popular movie download sites are Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video.

What website will allow you to watch TV and Movies on Wii?

There are several websites that will allow you to use your WII to watch movies or TV as long as you have the right connection and pay for the service. Netflix is the most popular site.

What is it about about films that make the block-busters?

Block-busters are just the movies that sell. Movies that are popular with the public, whether they are good movies or not. For instance a wonderfully made independent film would most likely NOT be a blockbuster just because people don't normally watch indie films.

Is blockbuster bankrupt?

Yes. Blockbuster is bankrupt. And one of these days it will go out of business. Blockbuster was one of America's most famous video rental stores. And now it is having trouble with sales.

Where can you watch You online?

The most popular ones are ... Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu. Networks, cable & broadcast web sites offer movies for streaming.

What are the main benefits of the current monthly Netflix rates?

The main benefit of the current monthly Netflix rates is that if you were to purchase over one movie a month you would already be paying more than just having a Netflix account. Also Netflix allows instant streaming on most internet connected devices meaning movies without moving.

Which companies are struggling?

How large a list would you like? Start off with the most obvious: Eastman Kodak, Netflix, Blockbuster, Sears, Research in Motion, Yellow Media, HEAT, many new home builders, some U.S. banks.

What are some of the popular movie rental stores?

The popular movie rental stores are Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Most of the live stores have closed down and the market is leaning more toward the kiosks such as Red Box and mail service such as Netflix.