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Who has the power to declair war?

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the Legislative Branch can declair war. The President does not have the power to do so!

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Why did Hitler declair war on the US?

Hitler declaired war on the US out of an alliance with the japanease. As japan had bombed pearl harbour causeing American to declair war on them.

When did Britain and France declair war on Germany?

In 1939

What is the most important power given to Congress?

Being able to ROGAR ;) no just kidding it's being able to declair war.

Why did Germany declair war on russia?

Because they ate there food

Did Hitler declair world war 2?

Only on US

What does the war powers act allow congress to do?

Allows congress to officaly declair war.

Does the national government or the state government declair War?

The national government.

When did the us declair war on Spain?

the U.S declared war to Spain because of the Havana harbor.

What things could the national government do during the articles of confederation?

declair war

When did Winston chirchill do his speech to declair war with Germany?

He didn't. It was Neville Chamberlain that declared war with Germany.

What 3 countries did Germany declair war on?

The main countries that Germany declared war on are: England, France and Poland.

What powers are reserved only for the federal government?

make treaties, coin money, and declair war

Why did Germany declair war on the US in World War 2?

Because they declared war on japan after japan attacked Pearl Harbor,Hawaii when they declared war Italy and Germany declared war on them. And they did it for the bant

Why did hatshepsut declair herself?


What effect did World War 1 have on Algeria?

it had a great effect! a couple years after WWI Algeria decided to declair independence from France.

Who can declair a law uncostitutional?

Supreme Court

The first colony to declair independence?

new Hampshire

Who is the most powerful woman on earth?

queen elizabeth the second as she is head of state of fifteen countries and head of the commonwealth of over 50 nations. she can also declair war.

When did the colonies declair their independence from Great Britain?

it was in 1783 with the treaty of paris

What has the author Edward G DeClair written?

Edward G. DeClair has written: 'Politics on the fringe' -- subject(s): Front national (France : 1972- ), Right-wing extremists, Front national (France : 1972- )

Up board 12th ka result kab declair hoga?

25 may

When declair up bords 12th results?

show my result of intermediate since 2006

Did the Japanese ever attempt to contact the United States about a surrender?

YES, they went thru Stalin and he did nothing because he wanted to declair war on japan so he could have his part of it like he got in Europe.

What power does Congress have in relation to war?

In relation to war, Congress has the power to declare war. They also have the power to control the funding of the war.

What is the power of ares god of war?

the power of war